About Steel Valley Midget Football Association

Steel Valley Midget Football Association (SVMFA) is a Non-Profit, 501(c)(3) organization whose sole purpose is to provide an organized format for the youth of the Steel Valley community (comprised of Homestead, West Homestead, and Munhall). Our mission as a non-profit organization  is to:

  • Provide youth with organized competition in a safe environment
  • Bring youth closer together through common interest in sportsmanship and competition
  • Instill the values of education
  • Acquaint the players with the fundamentals of the game rules,  running, kicking, blocking and tackling
  • Encourage sportsmanship, discipline and love of the game
  • Emphasize the importance of maintaining a proper relationship and balance between scholastic and athletic endeavors
  • Introduce youth to football, cheerleading, and other related activities in an atmosphere that promotes sportsmanship and fair play with an emphasis on safety in all coaching techniques

 We are a family and community oriented organization that promotes academic achievement among our participants. We are current active members of the WPYAA  which is comprised of similar organizations in the Pittsburgh and Mon Valley areas.

Our program, in conjunction with that of the WPYAA, enables us to promote the safe instruction of football and cheer at all age levels up to middle school (see TEAMS).