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New statistics page

This is an area that will be used for interesting stats during the season (eg: quickest goal, most goals in a game, most hat tricks, most yellow cards, and so on...)

Inaugural Gym Soccer season

A few statistics for the inaugural Men's Over 30 season:
1) Only one solitary yellow card issued the entire season!
2) Golden Boot goes to Glenn Westenberg of HD United with 73 goals from 9 games. He was followed by Oleg Tsabuk of Blackburn with 66 goals.
3) HD United scored the most goals at 202.
4) Blackburn conceded the fewest at 105.
5) There were only 2 own goals in the entire season.
6) The lowest scoring game was on week 10: VVFC 7 vs. Blackburn 7
7) There were only two draws (ties) in the entire season.
8) The highest scoring game was HD United 44 vs. St. Mary's 1 9 (St. Mary's only had 3 players for that game, though).