League Fee: $850.00 ($490.00 collected)

All team league fees and roster/waiver forms must be submitted prior to opening day.

League fee includes: regular season/playoff ball supply, regular season umpire fees, ASA registration, field permits, all star game, league trophies, and prize money.

Each team will pay the umpire $40 prior to each Sunday's games.

Teams are responsible for all playoff umpire fees.

Only the bat models denoted in the A Superior Bat Company catalog are legal. (Models: SB41, SB43, SB56, SB61, SB71, and SB74)

Teams are responsible for their own regular season ball supply once they are distributed.

Teams are responsible to supply bases, plate, and mound.

Teams are required to call in or e-mail the results of their games no later than 12:00PM on Mondays.