WPLL Majors/Minors Tryout Process

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White Plains Little League Tryout Information

Little League tryouts represent the annual process in which players are evaluated by the League before the start of each season.  White Plains Little League will use tryouts only for the Major and Minor (AAA) divisions of play. Tryouts are designed to help the league balance its teams during the subsequent Major and Minor division player draft. Balancing teams in each division of play promotes competitive parity and enhances the overall Little League experience for every child in the league. It is important to note that player evaluations never cause players to be excluded from participation in the league. All registered players who attend tryouts will be placed on a team in a division suitable to their skill level. Other determining factors can be Little League age requirements, safety concerns, and the number of players or teams in each division.

The tryout process is designed to provide all players with an equal and fair opportunity to show their baseball skills and capabilities.

The League Tryout manager is typically an individual who does not have an affiliation with either the Major or Minor divisions of play. It is the responsibility of the tryout manager to maintain the integrity of the tryout process, which includes consistency on all drills (i.e. all players receive the same type of pitch to hit, etc.) so that the process is fair and balanced for all participants. Only managers and volunteers assisting the Major/Minor Tryout Manager are allowed on the field.

Player Tryouts should be a positive experience. We recommend players and parents keep a positive attitude, relax and have fun.    

The Tryout Process

The tryout process covers the five key elements of baseball. Participants are run through a series of offensive and defensive drills. Tryout participants will be asked to throw and catch, field ground balls and make an infield throw, bat, and run the bases.

The specific drills are:

Throwing and Receiving  
Players will play catch to warm up. Players will be evaluated on throwing technique, accuracy and arm strength. During this drill players will also be evaluated on their catching performance.

Players will field 5 grounders at the simulated shortstop position and throwing the ball to an approximate base.

Players will attempt to hit 5 pitches delivered from a pitching machine.

Players will be timed running 60’ (and 120’ if space allows). Players will not slide.