Positive Coaching

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Branchburg Lacrosse Club
Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA)
Summary Sheet
The Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) is a national program designed to instill philosophies that help coaches, players and parents focus on sportsmanship, respect for the game and develop the player's character.
US Lacrosse partners with PCA, incorporating their philosophies into its youth programs on a national level.  This partnership extends down through the organizations that US Lacrosse support;  i.e.:  North Jersey Junior Lacrosse League (NJJLL) and the Branchburg Lacrosse Club (BLC)

The PCA’s Goals are to:

1.        Replace the win at all-cost model of coaching with the "Double Goal Coach" model, where the coach is striving to win but has a second, more important goal of using sports to teach life lessons.

2.        Teach Youth Sports leaders how to create an organizational culture in which "Honoring the Game" is the norm.

3.        Spark and fuel a "Social Epidemic" of Positive Coaching that will sweep this country and beyond.

"Honoring the Game
" is how we teach sportsmanship, using five key principles that form the R-O-O-T-S of the program. Each letter in R-O-O-T-S stands for an important part of the principles that are the foundation of all that we do.

Rules:     We refuse to bend or break the rules to win

Opponents:     A worthy opponent is a gift that brings out our best

Officials:     Show respect even when we disagree

Teammates:     Never do anything to embarrass our team

Self:     We live up to our own standards even when others don't

         Redefine "Winner" - A Positive Coach helps players redefine what it means to be a winner using a “Mastery”, rather than a “Scoreboard”, orientation. They see victory as a by-product of the pursuit of excellence. They focus on effort rather than outcome and on learning rather than comparison to others. Mistakes are an important part of learning.

Scoreboard Definition                         Mastery Definition

Results                                                Effort

Comparison with others                       Learning

  Mistakes not OK                              Mistakes are OK
Fill the Emotional Tank – Youth athletes have more fun and are more “coachable” when their emotional gas tank is full.  A Positive Coach helps fill the tank by using the “Magic Ratio” of  5:1  (positives to criticisms) with their players.

Filling the Tank                                    Draining the Tank

  Praise (Truthful & Specific)                Criticize / Correct
Express Appreciation                          Sarcasm

Listen                                                 Ignore

Nonverbal signals                                Nonverbal signals
BLC Code of Conduct Pledge - Every Coach, Player, and Parent will be required to read, understand and sign the Code of Conduct pledge before participating in any club event.  This pledge outlines the principles that the BLC, PCA and US Lacrosse organizations embrace, setting clear expectations on how participants are to conduct themselves.

More detailed information, coach’s tools, training & certifications are available at the PCA web site:  www.positivecoach.org