Bond Opportunities

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In 2017, Challenger Baseball Manitoba introduced a Volunteer/Fundraising Bond as an option in lieu of registration fees.  Please download our policy here

Following are the opportunities that will be available in 2018 to fulfill the requirements:  
Check back often as this list will update as new opportunities become available

For each venture, we have indicated a requirement for 100% Bond Completion by using that venture only.  
Should you only complete 50% at one venture, you must complete another venture to equal 100% in order to claim your bond.      


  1. Volunteer as a Board Member
    This counts for 100% of your bond requirement.  At this time, we are seeking a Secretary, Convenors for SJAMBA and WSMBA.
    Contact for more information.

  2. Become a Coach!
    Click here for more information.  This counts as 100% of your bond requirements. 
    Questions can be directed to Ross  
  3. Sell 50/50 and/or raffle tickets at your team's special events!
    Each game counts as 50% of your requirement.  
    Contact Ross for more information

  4. Goldeyes 50/50 Sales Opportunity - Date TBD - Shaw Park
    10 volunteers are required to sell 50/50 tickets at a Goldeyes Game
    Contact Ross for more information

  5. Bud, Spud & Chicken - Details TBD
    Some opportunities will be available at this event - 50/50 and Raffle ticket sales, taking tickets at the door, etc.
    Contact Ross for more information

  6. KinKar Ticket Sales - Details TBD
    Several volunteers will be needed to sell KinKar Raffle tickets on behalf of the Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg.  In addition to the above listed times, we have requested time slots at the Red River Ex
    Contact Ross for more information


Each player will be asked to participate in direct sales initiatives in general throughout the season, however, a specified sales quota will be provided to meet bond requirements. 
Contact Ross at or 204-803-8868 for more information!

  1. NEW BOTHWELL CHEESE (Available in late April/Early May)
    Who doesn't need cheese?  We will be kicking off the fundraiser mid-season.  To meet 100% bond requirements, players will be required to sell 50 units.

    Each player will be asked to participate in sales of tickets to this event.  In order to meet bond requirements, players will be required to sell 12 tickets to this event.