Commitee Information

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Boosters would like to thank those volunteers that are helping to make this season great ...

Team Parents
Varsity - Mio Austin
JV - Stacy Tuckwell, Melissa Wallace, Meaghan Davenport
L3 - Nicole Baca


Team Photographers
Varsity - Angie Lopez
JV - Meaghan Davenport & JoAnn Compton
L3 - Nicole Baca


Photo Day
Angie Lopez, Michelle DiManna


Homecoming Committee Volunteers 
Chair:  Mio Austin
Volunteers: Angie Lopez, Michelle DiManna, Chris Distler, Tami Stokes, Barbara Davis, Desiree Lopez


Senior Day Committee Volunteers
Chair:  Angie Lopez
Volunteers:  Randi Mendez, Mio Austin, Julie Boehme


2017 Lady Rebels Softball Banquet
Chair:  Angie Lopez
Volunteers:  Mio Austin, Kelly Stern, Randi Mendez, Amanda Smith, Tami Stokes, Kim Miranda


Season-End Video
Mikala & Michelle DiManna



 Thank you for volunteering and making a difference.


Columbine Softball is looking for a family to run Concessions next season.  If you are interested, contact Angie Lopez at to inquire for details.