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Hall of Champions

Year Champions   Runner-up Division
2019 Father Nall Vs. BYC Knee-High
2019 Aston Vs. Aldan Intermediate
2019   Vs.   Pony
2018 Collingdale  Vs. Folcroft Cubs
2018 Clifton Vs. Ridley Park Pony
2018 Clifton Vs. Ridley Park Rookie
2018 Aston Vs. Father Nall Knee-High
2018 Aldan  Vs. BYC Intermediate
2018 Ridley Park Vs. Brookhaven  Junior
2017 Clifton Vs. Ridley Park  Pony
2017 Aldan Vs. Ridley Park - Pete Rookie
2017   Vs.   Knee-High
2017 Brookhaven  Vs. Ridley Park Juniors  
2016 Father Nall Vs. Chichester Junior
2016 Clifton Vs. Ridley park Intermediate
2016 Aldan Vs. BYC Knee-High
2016 Father Nall Vs. Folsom Green Rookie
2016 Clifton Vs. Westbrook Park Pony
2015 Chichester Vs. Father Nall 2 Junior
2015 BYC Vs. Kedron Intermediate
2015 BYC Vs. Highland Park   Knee-High
2015 Aldan Vs. Llanarch Hill Rookie
2015 Father Nall Vs. Aldan Pony
2014 Highland Park Black Vs. Chichester Junior Division
2014 Westbrook Park Vs. Kedron Knee-High Division
2014   Vs.   Intermediates
2014 Broomall Bengals Vs. Aldan Rookies
2013 Clifton Heights  Vs. Highland Park Gold Junior Division
2013 Norwood Vs. BYC Delco Knee-Highs
2013 Norwood Vs. BYC Delco Intermediates
2013 Prospect Park Vs.   Rookies
2012 Prospect Park Vs. Tinicum Delco Intermediates
2012 Father Nall Vs. Folcroft Delco Juniors
2012 Briarcliffe Vs. Norwood Grey Delco Knee-Highs
2012 Norwood AC Vs. Prospect Park Delco Rookies
2011 Glenolden Burgundy Vs. Norwood Juniors Division
2011 Norwood Vs. Father Nall Knee-High Division
2011 Aldan Vs. Collingdale Rookies National Division
2011 KEDRON Vs. Norwood A.C. Rookies' American Division
2010 Clifton Heights Black Vs. Glenolden Delco Knee-Highs
2010 Prospect Park Vs. Father Nall Junior Division
2010 Springfield Gold Vs. Kedron Rookies American Division
2010 Norwood Vs. Prospect Park Rookies National Division
2009 Glenolden Vs. Prospect Park Delco Juniors
2009 Glenolden Indians Vs. Norwood Knee-High Division
2009 Springfield Blue Vs. Collingdale Bulldogs Rookies Division
2008 Norwood Vs. Sharon Hill Delco Juniors
2008 Prospect Park 1 Vs. Norwood Delco Knee-Highs (90)
2008 Springfield 1 Vs. Prospect Park Delco Rookies
2007 Lansdowne Vs. Collingdale Delco Juniors
2007 Tinicum Vs. Folcroft Delco Knee-Highs 
2007 Norwood Vs. Prospect Park Delco Knee-Highs (National)
2007 Nether Providence Vs. Kedron Delco Rookies
2006 Westbrook Park Black Vs. Prospect Park Delco Juniors
2006 Norwood 1 Vs. Norwood 2 Delco Knee-Highs (75)
2006 Lansdowne Lightning Vs. Collingdale Bulldogs Delco Knee-Highs (90)
2006 Nether Providence Vs. Springfield Delco Rookies
2005 Westbrook Park Vs. Collingdale Delco Juniors
2005 Norwood Vs. Folcroft Delco Knee-Highs (75)
2005 Swarthmore wood Vs. Father Nall Delco Knee-Highs (90)
2005 Norwood Vs. Glenolden Delco Rookies
2004 Lansdowne Vs. Westbrook Park Delco Juniors
2004 Father Nall 1 Vs. Sharon Hill Delco Knee-Highs
2004 Glenolden Vs. Norwood Delco Rookies
2003 Glenolden Vs. Norwood Delco Rookies
2002 Prospect Park Vs.   Delco Rookies
2001 Prospect Park Vs.   Delco Rookies
2000 Lansdowne Vs. Prospect Park Delco Rookies
1999 Lansdowne Vs.   Delco Rookies
1987 Collingdale Vs. Westbrook Park Delco Knee-Highs (75)
1986 Westbrook Park Vs. Collingdale Delco Knee-Highs (75)