Dunham & Norridge Fields

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Land O'Frost

Dunham and Norridge Field Availability

Updated Sunday, June 30th


**For Reference, here is a listing of what divisions each diamond can accommodate

Dunham 1-Pony and Midget

Dunham 2-T-Ball, Rookie, Peewee, and Midget

Dunham 5-T-Ball, Rookie, and Peewee

Dunham 6-T-Ball, Rookie, and Peewee

Norridge 1-Ideal for Midget.  Can accommodate Rookie and Peewee with naildown bases

Norridge 3-Rookie and Peewee





Tuesday, 7/2-Norridge 1 (5:45 and 7:45) Open

Wednesday, 7/3-All diamonds open except Dunham Diamond 1

Friday, 7/5-All diamonds open

Saturday, 7/6-All diamonds open

Sunday, 7/7-All diamonds open