Special League Rules

The Green Mountain Baseball League uses Major League Baseball rules.  There are a few exceptions to the rules on the field but there are also some procedural rules specific to the GMBL.  Please use this page as reference to specific league rules.


1. Coaches in coaches boxes DO NOT need to wear a helmet.


2. Teams are allowed to use a DH according to American League rules.


3. Teams are allowed to use an EH.  This EH is considered  an extra position player and should be treated the same as any other position on the field except for the pitcher.  Any substitution of the EH should be applied to Major League Baseball Rules.

Player Requirements

In order to play in the Green Mountain Baseball League, ALL players are required to....

1. Must be 18 years or older by the start of the 2017 season (4/30)

2. Must be assigned to only one team

          a. EXCEPTION: Players can play for other teams in the NABF tournaments and/or any other tournaments that are NOT sponsored by the Green Mountain League.


In order to play in the PLAYOFFS, all players must......

1.  Play in six (6) GMBL sanctioned REGULAR SEASON games. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Opposing Coaches can NO longer "approve" players with less than six games.


Game Schedule Requirements

This policy shall be used to determined the number of REQUIRED games played for the 2017 season....

1. The 2017 schedule shall include 22 regular season games (11 Sunday Doubleheaders in 14 Sundays)

2.  ALL games are to be initially scheduled as Doubleheaders on Sundays starting at 11AM.

3. ALL teams will be required to play 20 regular season games, UNLESS....

          a. ALL games on that GMBL scheduled Sunday rainout.  In this case, one (1) required game will be subtracted from the total of required games played from ALL teams in the GMBL.  EXAMPLE: Two (2) scheduled Sundays rainout for the Brewers and four (4) Sundays rainout for the Mariners. Overall, four (4) Sundays total rainout for the GMBL.  The Brewers, Mariners AND every other team in the GMBL are required to play 20 minus 4 equals 16 games required.  That means the Mariners would have played 14 games (22-4X2)=14.  The Mariners would be required to makeup a minimum of two (2) games.  The Brewers would have played 18 games (22-2X2)=18.  Therefore the Brewers would NOT have to makeup any games, however they will make every effort to play as close to 22 games as possible.

                   bb. This "rainout equation" ONLY applies to SUNDAY scheduled games.

                   cc. ALL games scheduled on Monday-Saturday are "play at your own risk" and if rainouts occur, this rule does not apply.

4. Games can be mutually agreed upon to be scheduled on a different day or time other than Sundays.  Notification for this option should be made AT LEAST within two (2) weeks after the FINAL schedule is made.  Please notify the League President of these changes.

5. ALL teams will try their best to play as close to 22 games as possible, weather permitting.


In 2019, ALL teams will make the playoffs as long as they meet the minimum requirements below....

-Team has played the minimum required amount of games.  (See schedule rules)

-Team must start playoff games with a minimum of 9 players.

-Each of the 9 players must have played in a minimum of 6 LEAGUE games.



-Teams shall play in a "Best of 3 series" with 2 games played on a Saturday. And the decisive "if necessary" game 3 will be played the next day. (weather dependent....Rain shall push the Saturday games to Sunday).

-ALL 3 games shall be played at the Higher Seeded team's Home field.

-Regular season game rules apply.

-Quarterfinals (First weekend in August)= 5th Place @ 4th Place

-Semifinals  (Second Weekend in August)=Winner of Quarterfinals @ 1st Place....3rd Place @ 2nd Place.

-Finals (Third Weekend in August)= Semifinal winners (Higher Seed hosts)

-Umpires are split by both teams in the quarters and semis.  The Finals will be paid for by the league.


Deposit Summary

Your $200 deposit covers the following.....

1. $150= Forfeit Procedures.  Please follow the "Forfeit Procedures" rules below for more information.

2. $50= Online Statistics.  Although perfection is not required.  All stats should be entered onto the GMBL website.  This encourages other teams/players to play, helps with League Leaders and helps each other prevent "ringers" from joining the playoffs.

Forfeit Procedures

A Forfeit win or a Forfeit loss can only be awarded in the following cases.  The implementation of this policy must be approved by the League President....

1. Team does not fulfill minimum required games played due to rainouts.  One (1) Forfeit loss will be awarded for every game under the league minimum. NO Forfeit wins will be awarded. NO DEPOSITS WILL BE TAKEN IN THIS CASE.

2. Team does not fulfill minimum required games played due to lack of field availability.  One (1) Forfeit loss will be awarded to the HOME TEAM for every game under the league minimum. NO Forfeit wins will be awarded. NO DEPOSITS WILL BE TAKEN IN THIS CASE.

3.  Team cancels a game(s) without a minimum of 12 hours notice NOT based on weather. One (1) Forfeit loss will be awarded to the cancelling team and One (1) Forfeit win will be awarded to the opposite team.  A FULL $150 deposit will be taken from the cancelling team.

4.  An AWAY team travels AND arrives at an away site. One (1) FULL inning is NOT played.  This game is considered CANCELLED, and the HOME team will be awarded one (1) Forfeit loss while the AWAY team will be awarded one (1) Forfeit win. A FULL $150 deposit will be taken from the HOME team.  Game 2 may be rescheduled at a later date.

5. Teams must have a minimum of 9 players to start the game.  Anything less is considered a Forfeit. One (1) win will be awarded to the opposing team and one (1) Forfeit loss awarded to the forfeiting team. A $150 DEPOSIT WILL BE TAKEN IN THIS CASE.

Playoff Forfeits....

1. In case of a Playoff Forfeit, the opposing team will be declared the winner.  NO DEPOSITS WILL BE TAKEN.  Their penalty is that their season is over.

Potential Rainout Procedures

These guidelines should be used to prevent miscommunication and unwarranted travel for potential rainout games...

1. In case of inclement weather, both coaches shall make the decision "to play or not to play" based on the days forecast by 8AM (Weekend games)

2. In case of inclement weather, the HOME team shall check on the HOME FIELD for that day and make the sole decision "to play or not to play" based on condition of the field by 9AM.

3. If the decision is "to play" on items 1 and 2 above, the expectation is that the game(s) will be started at some point that day.  Delayed starts are allowed, but prior notification by the HOME team to the AWAY team is common courtesy.

4. All games that are started but POSTPONED later in the day, will be continued at a later, agreed upon later date with the game continuing where it left off.

5. All games that have played a complete 5 innings (4 1/2 if the home team is leading) will be considered a COMPLETED game.

6. Makeups can be made up at any place at any time within the start date (4/30) and the end date of season(7/30).

7. All Games should be made up. EXCEPTION: Rainouts in July will only require 1 made up game.

MANDATORY PENALTY: If an AWAY team travels to the home field of the HOME team, the AWAY team shall be granted one (1) forfeit win and the HOME team shall be granted one (1) forfeit loss.  The second game shall be scheduled for a mutually agreed upon later date.

 If a DOUBLEHEADER is cancelled....

1. One (1) game MUST be rescheduled at a "soft", later date of mutual choice, but MUST be agreed upon within one (1) week of the cancellation.  "Soft" shall be defined as a planned rescheduled date, but not set in stone.  Please notify the President within one week of the cancellation.  The purpose of this rule is to engage in rescheduling conversation EARLIER than later, hopefully encouraging makeups ahead of time and not putting it off until last minute where scheduling gets complicated.

2.  The second game of the DH shall be made up at a mutually agreed upon later date if possible.

If ONE game is cancelled.....

1.  Both teams will agree upon a new makeup date at a later time if possible.

PENALTY: No immediate penalty.  If one specific team cannot agree to a "soft" date as scheduled above, President's discretion will be used to determine if the specific game needs to be played.  If it does, forfeits may or may not be issues based on President's decision.