Pennsylvania's Act 153 became effective on 25 July 2015 to help ensure the safety of minors in all public organizations such as schools, religion, and youth, (for example, athletics, Boy/Girl Scouts).  Paid (employees) and unpaid (volunteers) adults must comply with these new requirements.  Generally, all athletic youth organizations in the region will closely follow, if not re-use, their school districts requirements and to some extent their structure; Laurys AA will mirror Parkland School District and is the dominant source of information below.  For those of you that volunteer for your local school or place of worship involving minors you likely comply and Laurys Athletic Association will accept those clearances of organizations located in the Parkland School District and most likely those of neighboring school districts in the state of Pennsylvania.

If you have any questions regarding the information on this page, please reach out to a board member or send an email to board@laurysaa.com



Minor or Child(ren):

A person under the age of 18.  Laurys Athletic Association is a community organization and cares for the well being of all minors at any of our events and the community at large.  However, in the context required by law as it applies to Laurys Athletic Association "minor", "child", or "children" refer to those players registered to Laurys Athletic Association or those of visiting organizations during games, scrimmages, practices, or any event sponsored by Laurys Athletic Association. 


An adult individual 18 years of age or older serving in an unpaid position who is responsible for the welfare of one or more children or has direct contact with children through any program, activity, and service sponsored by Laurys Athletic Association or one of the Leagues it participates. If you meet this definition, YOU WILL NEED CLEARANCES

Who are Volunteers:

If you perform the role of Coach or Assistant Coach in any capacity you are a volunteer.  You qualify as a visitor if you are performing field maintenance and a coach is present or no minors are on the field.  See "Visitor" definition below.


An adult individual 18 years of age or older whose actions do not rise to the level of a volunteer. Visitor includes (1) an individual who attends a sports event or other extracurricular activity in the common areas; or (2) an individual who is a speaker or participant visiting to share information with players under supervision of a coach or Laurys AA Board member. If you meet this definition, YOU DO NOT NEED CLEARANCES.
Snack stand: 
The snack stand falls in a little bit of a gray area therefore we will be implementing some new policies to comply in a manner that does not require background checks for every person that may serve in the snack stand.  In short, the changes will conform to the definition of "Visitor".  The details will be released shortly.


If you have been cleared under the acts below with a school district or religious organization in the state of Pennsylvania please provide those to us and we will confirm.  Parkland School District will be automatically accepted.

When indicating the purpose of the clearances, please indicate “Volunteer” and the costs will be waived.

Act 34 – PA Criminal Background

  • Please select “employment” for the Purpose of Request entryApply online via the “epatch” system at https://epatch.state.pa.us/Home.jsp
  • Pay with credit/debit card ($8.00) – Note that fee is waived for volunteers beginning July 25, 2015.
  • Results should be instantaneous unless they are “under review” in which  case, note your reference number and date of application and use that  information to check back on the “epatch” website periodically until your results are available.
  • Print clearance (be sure you click all the way through to the “certification form” button – the document you print must show your social security number, DOB, etc.) and submit to HR with other clearances.

IMPORTANT – PLEASE NOTE: When you go into the PA Criminal Background clearance to view and print it, if you don’t either SAVE or PRINT out the clearance by clicking on the “CERTIFICATION” button, you or Laurys AA will NOT BE ABLE to view or print out the actual clearance if you go back into the site. The CERTIFICATION button is just above the “BACK” button.  Please be certain to PRINT your certification/clearance form before closing the page.


Act 151 – PA Child Abuse
  • Apply online at https://www.compass.state.pa.us/CWIS
  • You will need to create an account with a valid email address in order  to apply (please follow directions carefully)
  • Pay with credit/debit card ($8.00) – Note that fee is waived for volunteers beginning July 25, 2015.
  • This is a new online procedure; response time is anywhere between immediate and 2 weeks.
  • Print clearance and submit to HR with other clearances

Act 114 – FBI Cogent Fingerprinting

IMPORTANT: The FBI Fingerprinting can be waived if you have been a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years but will need to complete a Volunteer Disclosure/Affidavit Form
  • Register and pay with credit/debit card ($27.00)
  • Print receipt and take it to a fingerprint location with a form of ID and get fingerprinted.  There are a limited number of fingerprint locations listed on the website.  The most convenient location to Parkland is the UPS Store  on Lehigh Street, Allentown.
  • Submit a copy of your receipt to Laurys with your other clearances.
  • Provide the results to either the President or Vice President of Laurys AA.