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All MYSA / MYBL coaches must complete the online questions and training session. Please click the link below to complete the form and training session. 



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MYSA Code of Ethics/ Coaching Rules of Conduct


I understand that my responsibilities as a youth coach are of great importance and that my actions have the potential to significantly influence the young athletes I coach. Therefore, I promise to uphold the following rights of young athletes to the best of my ability.


I.        Right to participate in sports

II.       Right to participate at a level commensurate with each child's maturity and ability

III.     Right to have qualified adult leadership

IV.     Right to play as a child and not as an adult

V.      Right of children to share in the leadership and decision-making of their sport participation

VI.     Right to participate in safe and healthy environments

VII.    Right to proper preparation for participation in sports

VIII.   Right to an equal opportunity to strive for success

IX.     Right to be treated with dignity

X.       Right to have fun in sports


I also promise to conduct myself in accordance with the Code of Ethics for Coaches as given next.


1.    I will encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, coaches, and officials at every game, practice, or other youth sports event.

2.    I will place the emotional and physical well-being of all participants ahead of a personal desire to win.

3.    I will treat each athlete, opposing coach, official, parent, and administrator with dignity and respect.

4.    I will do my best to learn the rules, fundamental skills, teaching and evaluation techniques, and strategies of my sport.

5.    I will treat each player as an individual and with respect.

6.    I will provide a safe playing situation for all players by emphasizing fundamentals, techniques, proper skills and sportsmanship.

7.    I will provide an environment that will be free of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and profanity.

8.    I will respect opposing coaches and players.

9.    I will be responsible for the actions of my team’s coaches, players, and spectators.

10.I will uphold the authority of officials who are assigned to the contests in which I coach, and I will assist them in every way to conduct fair and impartial competitive contests.

11.I will learn the strengths and weaknesses of my athletes so that I might place them in situations where they have a maximum opportunity to achieve success.

12.I will conduct my practices and contests so that all athletes have an opportunity to improve their skill level through active participation.

13.I will effectively communicate with my athletes and their parents regarding practice, game time and location, pictures, or any other MYSA event.

14.I will remember that the game is for YOUTH - not for adults.

15.I will teach all participants to treat other players, coaches, fans, officials with respect regardless of race, sex, creed, or ability.

16.I will cooperate with the administrator of our organization in the enforcement of rules and regulations and in the evaluation process for coaches, and I will report any irregularities that violate sound competitive practices.

17.I understand that I must wait until all participants are gone or all participants’ parents or guardians are present before I leave a practice.

18.I understand that MYSA advises coaches not to transport other participants with the exception of family members and that MYSA cannot and will not be held responsible for any actions that occur during the transportation of participants to and from practices, games, and other MYSA events.

19.When coaching I will wear appropriate clothes, i.e. given shirt by MYSA and jeans, khaki’s, athletic shorts or athletic pants. No hats, head gear, inappropriate clothing, or sagging is to be permitted during MYSA events. Look like a coach!!!

I understand that unsportsmanlike behavior can lead to my suspension from and possible forfeiture of a game. I understand that violating the Rule of Conduct may also lead to my suspension. I understand that in these instances I may be required to appear before MYSA league directors to explain my actions and the directors of MYSA may take whatever action it deems necessary.