Miami University’s Club Sports program provides opportunities for students with similar interests to participate in various sport and recreational activities. Club Sports bridge the gap between intramural and intercollegiate athletics by providing competition at many levels. The program gives the student an opportunity to take part in the leadership, responsibility and decision-making processes of club activities. In addition to their own scheduling, practices, tournaments and special events, the clubs also participate in a variety of fundraising and community service efforts. The success of the program is dependent upon the professionalism and leadership shown by the club officers, advisors and coaches.

Miami Club Baseball became an official club sport at Miami University in 1999 to provide an opportunity for students on campus to play competitive baseball while obtaining their education. The student run organization focuses on teaching lessons of responsibility, teamwork, time management, and commitment while providing players with a fun atmosphere to both compete on the field and create lasting friendships. Club officers are elected each year to help manage and organize the team while fulfilling the club's obligations to Miami University. The team works closely with the Recreational Sports Center at Miami to maintain a high level of success both on and off the field.

Miami is a member of the Great Lakes Region, Eastern Conference, in the National Club Baseball Association. The NCBA has over 150 member teams in 20 conferences across the country. League games are played in three game weekend series starting in the spring semester. Regional playoffs begin after the regular season conference play is completed to determine who advances to the 8 team World Series. The National Champion is then crowned at the conclusion of the World Series in late June.

The team normally plays between 30-40 games per year, split into fall and spring seasons. The fall season is primarily for tournaments and exhibition games while the spring schedule is for league play and playoffs. We usually play 3 game series on weekends with
a double header Saturday and single game on Sunday. A few weekday games are mixed in over the course of the year against teams from the Dayton and Cincinnati areas. During the season we practice 2-3 times per week for 2 hours each practice. In the winter we take a few weeks off from practice before gearing up for the spring season second semester when we start practicing 2-3 times per week again. Travel in the spring usually involves leaving late Friday afternoon on team vans and staying in hotels until after the Sunday game. We usually arrive back in Miami early Sunday evening.

The competition we face is comparable to strong varsity high school players who still want to play ball in college. Many of our players choose playing club baseball at Miami over playing Division II or III varsity baseball at smaller schools. We play several varsity teams from smaller schools each year to gain perspective of how we compare and gain experience for conference play. Fall tournaments attract some of the best club teams east of the Mississippi River playing head to head for championships and bragging rights. The Spring Break Showcase also provides a preview for the upcoming season and points out some of the teams to watch for early.