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House League Q&A

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What are the different areas that encompass the MNBA?

The MNBA encompass 3 areas of baseball: Boys & Girls House League Baseball, Boys Representative (Rep) Baseball and Girls Fastpitch/Softball for both House League and Rep. You can find the web sites for each by going to From there, you can go to each of their web sites for more details.

What are the divisional age groups in Boys & Girls House League Baseball? 

Kids are placed in the divisions based on the year they were born not by their birth day.


Div. Code


T-Ball, Junior


4 & 5 yrs old sometime during this year

T-Ball, Senior


6 yrs old sometime during this year 

Rookie Ball


7 & 8 yrs old sometime during this year 

Mosquito Minor


9 & 10 yrs old sometime during this year 

Mosquito Major


11 yrs old sometime during this year 



12 & 13 yrs old sometime during this year 



14 & 15 yrs old sometime during this year 

Midget (MBA)


16 to 18 yrs old sometime during this year 

Junior (MBA)


19 to 21 yrs old sometime during this year


When are the game days for Boys & Girls House League Baseball?

Regular season games are scheduled on weekdays (Monday to Thursday). Regular season games are not scheduled for weekends or holidays. 

EXCEPTIONS: Make up and playoff games. These games are scheduled whenever there is a free time slot at a park 


Days of Play

T-Ball, Junior

Mondays and Wednesdays 

T-Ball, Senior

Tuesdays and Thursdays 

Rookie Ball

Mondays and Wednesdays 

Mosquito Minor

Tuesdays and Thursdays 

Mosquito Major

Mondays and Wednesdays 


Tuesdays and Thursdays 


Mondays and Wednesdays 

Midget (MBA)

Schedule Set by MBA

Junior (MBA)

Schedule Set by MBA


What time do the games start for Boys & Girls House League Baseball?

Regular season games start at 6:15 PM  Note: Peewee and older divisions will have some of their games start at 8:30 PM 

Playoff games start at 6 PM. 

Make up game start times are assigned based on park availability.

How do I know if a game is cancelled?

The MNBA Boys House League Baseball division will post all cancellations on the Boys House League website by 5:15 PM the day of the game. All games are considered playable if there are no notices of cancelled games on the House League web site.  After 5:15 PM, on the day of the game, it becomes the coach’s decision, AT THE PARK, if the weather and field conditions are favorable to play the game.  After the game has commenced it is the Umpire's decision to cancel a game in progress.

What equipment do I need?

All players are required to supply their own:

  • CSA approved batting Helmet
  • fielder’s glove (Trapper gloves only permitted at first base position)
  • athletic support/protection (jock / jill)
  • good pair of running shoes or rubber soled cleats.

What does my registration fee include?

The registration fee includes the following:

  • participation in regular season and playoffs games
  • complete uniform which the player gets to keep (uniform consists of one each of the following: cap, jersey, pants, socks)
  • 1 personal photo and 1 team photo (Order forms will be given out for any additional photos – there is an additional charge, payable directly to - the photography company, for these additional photos)
  • a participation award or trophy at the end of the season.

What is the “MBA”?

Mississauga Baseball Association (MBA) is an affiliation comprised of 5 city of Mississauga associations. Member associations include: Mississauga North Baseball Association, Forest Glen Baseball Association, Mississauga Majors Baseball Association, Mississauga Southwest  Baseball Association, and the Erindale Lions Little League.  Teams that play in this league are “Select” House League teams. Players must be selected to play by the coach of that team. With the exception of the Midget and Junior divisions, the MNBA does not field a team in all divisions of the MBA unless there are coaches who express an interest to coach a team in Peewee and Bantam divisions. All games are played within the city limits of the City of Mississauga.


MNBA House League Baseball General Information

When does the season start?

Regular scheduled games begin after the Victoria Day Holiday.

On what days are games played?

Game days are either Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays.  See above chart to review the game days for each age group.

What time do games start?

Early games start at 6:15 p.m. sharp.  Players 12 years and older (Peewee and up) will have some late games starting at 8:30 p.m.  The scheduler will make every effort to balance late games in these divisions such that no team will play two late starts in the same week especially before the end of the school year.

What are the practice days?

Practices are generally scheduled on weekends.  Team coaches will determine and schedule practices.

Are practices mandatory?

Part of instilling the essence of commitment to a team is the responsibility of parents to ensure their children attend practice.  Practice sessions are the major means by which each player will develop athletic skills necessary to improve and succeed in concert with his or her peers.  Each year it is found that the greatest fulfillment and improvement is afforded to players who participate in regular practice. Regular sessions of throwing/catching with siblings and parents is also highly beneficial. 

How many regular season games are there?

16.  Two games per week (Monday and Wednesday OR Tuesday and Thursday) for each division.  See chart above for days of play in each division.

Note: Games are not scheduled on statutory holidays.  Victoria Day, Canada Day, Civic Holiday.

Note: Divisions with uneven numbers of teams with require a rotating by-week

Note: Make-up games for rainouts are scheduled on weekends when required.

When do playoffs start and end?

Playoffs begin after the regular season schedule ends in Mid to late July (depending on the division) and will usually finish on the second weekend in August (Day of Champions Weekend).

Note: Playoff games may be scheduled on any weekday and/or weekend for all divisions and are subject to change as a result of weather or other unforeseeable delays.

Are tryouts required for MNBA House League Players?

No.  All registered house league baseball players will be placed on a team (subject to availability) on a date of paid registration priority basis.

Note: MBA ('A') is a select division.  Roster spots are limited and awarded by the team coach first and then by first come first served basis.

Does a player need to have baseball experience to register?

Absolutely not.  Beginner players are accepted in all house league age groups.  Players of all skill levels are welcome in the MNBA.

Can I request a player to be paired (Tie-To) with another player or specific coach?

The MNBA encourages parents to avoid forsaking the opportunity for their children to make new friends.  Organized team sports are an ideal way to ease our children out of comfort zones and teach them valuable life skills that extend beyond the specific sport they are interested in playing.

While the MNBA understands that family circumstances and schedules are challenging and unique, fulfilling tie-to requests is a complex and difficult undertaking and is discouraged for all but the most exceptional circumstances.  Competitive team balance is a priority for the house league such that each player will enjoy equal opportunity for athletic development and success on the playing field.  To ensure this balance each team must be assigned equal numbers of players at all levels of experience and skill to ensure fairness in each division.    Any request for a pairing of one player to another player must be sent via email to the House League Director and must include a compelling reason for the request and is subject to the following general policy.

Pairing (Tie-To) players/coaches MNBA policy:

·         Only Coaches and Assistant Coaches will be guaranteed to have their son or daughter assigned to their team.  Maximum one head coach and two assistant coaches per team.

·         Chained tie-to's are automatically rejected.  Example: Jim to John, John to Sam. etc.

·         All tie-to player requests must be reciprocated and agreed to by each parent involved.  Example:  Jim's parents must ask for Sam and Sam's parents must ask for Jim.

·         All players in a tie-to request must be fully registered and paid with the MNBA prior to request submission. Requests submitted prior to registration are deleted without notification to the sender.

·         All tie-to coach requests must come from the coach involved.  Contact the coach directly to submit a request.  Coaches can not make more than one request.

·         No Tie-to request will be considered for late registrations (after third week of March) due to organizational time constraints.

·         Tie-To requests for players failing to attend a mandatory pre-season evaluation clinic will not be considered.

·         The MNBA reserves the right to award or deny tie-to requests without regard to date of receipt, reason or any other criteria or priority.

·         Registration refunds are not provided as a result of unfulfilled tie-to requests.

What is an evaluation clinic?

A mandatory pre-season assessment and evaluation clinic is generally scheduled in the early Spring prior to teams being drafted for the purpose of disbursing players equally on teams in each division.  This is to ensure all teams will have players with equal pitching, catching and playing abilities such that a competitively balanced division can be achieved.  All registered players will be notified by email and on a website posting of the evaluation date when it is scheduled.

Will my son/daughter be given equal playing time regardless of his/her experience or ability?

Yes.  House League rules are specific to ensure each player is afforded equal playing time in each game.  Balanced positioning means equal time in both the infield and outfield as well as a chance to play a variety of specific positions.  Coaches are required to encourage players to participate and develop at all positions.  Parents are encouraged to discuss concerns about equal play with the head coach, the division convener or the director of house league.  Coaches are required to maintain a record of playing time and positions played for each player throughout the season.

How much are the Registration fees?

Registration fees for each age group are posted on the MNBA House League website.  The MNBA strives to ensure players from all socio-economic circumstances are afforded an opportunity to participate.  Those who may need assistance with registration fees may find support through the Canadian Tire Jumpstart program.

What is included with my registration fees?

Your fees include:

·         Uniform Jersey, hat, pants and socks

·         All user fees for parks and umpires fees throughout regular season and playoffs.

·         Team equipment provided - bases, bats, baseballs, catcher equipment

·         Team and individual photo

·         Participation/Finalist/Championship awards

What equipment must I provide?

Each player must have his/her own:

·       CSA approved batting helmet.
NEW FOR 2013: Rookie Division players (7 and 8 years) must have a face cage affixed to their batting helmet in order to play the pitcher position next to the pitching machine.  This is the first year where a hard baseball is introduced.

·       Baseball glove.

·       Athletic protective cup (Jock for boys and Jill for girls).

·       Suitable closed toe sport (running) shoes or baseball cleats (rubber spikes only).

How do I register?

All registrations are accepted 24 hours a day in the on-line registration section of the website.  Follow the instructions to create an account (new members) or login (existing members) with your existing account and proceed accordingly.  Payments can be made securely with Visa or Master Card at checkout.

How will I know I have registered successfully?

Once you have fully completed the on-line registration process you will receive an email indicating your registration was successful.  Do not confuse this email with the creation of account confirmation email which will come for those new members creating the parent/guardian on-line account.  Refer to the registration instructions on the MNBA website and follow each step carefully.

When will I be contacted after registration?

Registered players will be contacted by their assigned team coach by the second week of May after teams have been drafted and the coaches meetings are concluded.