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We have arranged access for all coaches to a premium subscription to The Art of Coaching Volleyball web site.  This site will help you with planning your practices including skills training and drills.  Please click on the following link to set up your personal account:

The Art of Coaching Volleyball

Mount Olive Township - Code of Conduct for Adults Supervising Children

This form outlines the Township of Mount Olive guidelines for Adults Supervising children.

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Coach/Player/Parent Codes of Conduct

These should be signed by parents/players/coaches as appropriate.  ADULT Coaches should return their signed form to their Division VP.  Coaches should retain the signed player and parent forms.

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Parent/Athlete Concussion Information Sheet

This form must be signed by both player and parent, collected by coaches, and returned to Division VPs.

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CDC Concussion Training (online) - REQUIRED

All coaches 18+ are required to complete a CDC Concussion Training session.  In addition, a copy of the certification provided at the end of the training session must be forwarded to

Line Up Form

These should be filled out and handed to the scorekeeper before each game.

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Volleyball Injuries

Coaches need to be aware that all injuries obtained while at a volleyball practice or match need to be reported to the Division VP and to the township Recreation Department via the First Aid Incident Report.  

Injury  Assessment

  1. Establish severity of the injury
  2. Call 911 if medical attention is needed.
  3. Call Emergency contacts for the player
  4. Have Adult Assistant/Head Coach take over practice for remaining players
  5. Provide information regarding circumstances of the injury to medical personnel and Parent/Emergency Contact
  6. Verify that Parent/Emergency Contact has responsibility for the player to get medical attention.
  7. Fill out First Aid Incident Report with Parent and provide to Division VP.
  8. Follow up to check on status of player within 24 hours

The incident report is also available in the Links section of this site.

League Rules

The League Rules were last modified on 6/2017.  Please familiarize yourself with the rules and encourage each player to follow them.  These rules supercede the rules available at the NFHS website

Scoring Sheet

April 27, 2013

Keep track of your lineup and stats while at the game.  Make notes of what to work on at practice. Score Sheet

Gym Setup and Tear-Down

Game Day Setup and Tear Down

Please remember that our access to the gyms is directly related to how we take care of the gyms and the equipment. Please remind the fans that food and drink (other than water) is not allowed in the gyms. Please be sure to quickly cleanup any spills that may occur.

IMPORTANT: Ensure that all equipment is stored neatly in the storage closets and treated with respect. I have no problem donating equipment of our choosing but I do not want to be forced to buy equipment that is mistreated or lost by the league. Safety is our number one concern, which requires that the poles, nets, pads, tables, scoreboard, and chairs be maintained and cared for.

The custodians are there to help with access to the storage closets and general cleanup but that does not mean that they are responsible for storing any equipment, chairs, etc. Equipment should NEVER be left in an unsecured area. If the storage closets are locked at the end of the day, the coach is responsible for finding the custodian to obtain access to the closets. Please make sure that the equipment and the gyms are treated properly so we may continue to enjoy the use of the facilities. I have included some reminders for setup and tear down below.

Reminders for Setup:

Both teams scheduled to play the first game are responsible for setup.
Obtain access to the storage closets for the poles, nets, scoreboard controller, standards, referee stand, & padding. In the Middle School, the storage closets are on either end of Auxiliary Gym. In the High School Auxiliary Gym, the storage closet is across from Boys Bathroom.
Move net posts and nets used for practice into an area away from the fans and the court.
Verify that the custodian has raised the basketball hoops, expanded the bleachers, unlocked access doors and opened the bathrooms.
Assemble Match equipment - Poles, nets, & standards. Place pads around the poles. (Do not lay poles on floor or drag items since they may damage the floor. This is an Adults Only task)
Place the Referee platform on the side of the court nearest the bleachers. Place pads around platform.
Setup Scoring table and place scoreboard controller on table then plug into the outlets. If extra pads are available, cover front and legs of table.
Setup 12 Chairs for each team and 3 chairs for the scoring table.
Remind the referee that outside the red paint is out of bounds. This is a safety rule so players do not run into the bleachers or walls.

Reminders for Tear Down:

Both teams who played in the last game are responsible for tear down.
Obtain access to the storage closets. In the Middle School, the storage closets are on either end of Auxiliary Gym. In the High School Auxiliary Gym, the storage closet is across from Boys Bathroom.
Store the chairs: In the Middle School - stack and store in areas between the Main & Auxiliary Gyms. At the High School Auxiliary Gym – fold and store the chairs on cart in storage closet.
Gently Unplug the Score Board Controller and place in storage case. Verify with Custodian where it is stored.
Dismantle the Poles, Net, Standards & Pads. Fold the Referee Platform and roll to storage closet. (High School platform does not fold)
Neatly place the Poles, Net, Standards, Pads and Referee Platform in storage closet. Usually in corner so Poles are leaning and stable.
Close & verify that the Storage closet is locked.
Perform a last sweep of Gym area to pick up water bottles and garbage and place in appropriate bins.
Collect any personal items and send an e-mail regarding Lost & Found items.
Verify with the Custodian that the gym is in proper condition before leaving.
Verify that no Players are left without supervision (both inside and outside the gym).
Ensure that all doors are closed when leaving.

Thanks for your assistance in this area.

General Code of Conduct

November 24, 2012

The Mission of the Mount Olive Volleyball Association is to serve the youth of Mount Olive by providing them with an Instructional/Recreation Volleyball Program that will further their knowledge of the sport, develop good sportsmanship and enhance self-esteem in a safe and fun environment. Good sportsmanship is viewed as a commitment to fair play, ethical behavior and integrity. In perception and practice, sportsmanship is defined as those qualities that are characterized by generosity and genuine concern for others.

    Expectations of COACHES
  1. Always set a good example for participants and fans to follow, exemplifying the highest moral and ethical behavior.
  2. Instruct participants in proper sportsmanship responsibilities and demand that they make sportsmanship and ethics the No. 1 priority.
  3. Respect judgment of contest officials, abide by rules of the event and display no behavior that could incite fans.
  4. Treat opposing coaches, participants and fans with respect.
  5. Shake hands with officials and opposing coach in public.
  6. Develop and enforce penalties for participants who do not abide by sportsmanship standards.
    Expectations of ATHLETES
  1. Treat teammates, coaches and yourself with respect.
  2. Treat opponents with respect: shake hands after contests.
  3. Respect judgment of contest officials, abide by rules of the contest and display no behavior that could incite fans.
  4. Cooperate with officials, coaches and fellow participants to conduct a fair contest.
  5. Accept seriously the responsibility and privilege of representing the community; display positive public action at all times.
  6. Live up to high standard of sportsmanship established by coach.
  1. Realize that you are present to observe a contest, not to verbally assault others or to be generally obnoxious.
  2. Respect decisions made by contest officials.
  3. Be an exemplary role model by positively supporting teams in every manner possible, including content of cheers and signs.
  4. Respect fans, coaches, and participants.
  1. Applause during introduction of players, coaches and officials.
  2. Accept all decisions of officials.
  3. Handshakes between participants and coaches at end of contest, regardless of outcome.
  4. Treat competition as a game, not a war.
  5. Coaches, players search out opposing participants to recognize them for outstanding performance or coaching.
  6. Applause at end of contest for performances of all participants.
  7. Everyone showing concern for injured player, regardless of team.
  8. Encourage surrounding people to display only sportsmanlike conduct.
  1. Yelling or waving arms during opponents serve attempt.
  2. Disrespectful or derogatory yells, chants, songs or gestures.
  3. Booing or heckling an official's decision.
  4. Criticizing officials in any way; displays of temper with an officials call.
  5. Yelling that antagonizes opponents.
  6. Refusing to shake hands or give recognition for good performances.
  7. Blaming losses on officials, coaches or participants.
  8. Laughing or name-calling to distract an opponent.
  9. Use of profanity or displays of anger that draw attention away from the game or activity.