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NBBSA- Board of Directors

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Board of Directors:

The NBBSA Board of Directors is composed of individuals elected at the Annual Meeting of the NBBSA in September. All members are elected to a term of one year and shall take office the first month following the Annual Meeting. Additional nominations to the Board may be proposed at any regular meeting of the Board with those nominees approved by two-thirds vote of the Board at the next regular meeting. Meetings are open to anyone wishing to attend and are announced to the public in advance on this website.

Nomination Guidelines: The NBBSA Member must have been actively involved in the league for no less than eight months. Actively involved is to mean volunteer activity (e.g. League Director, Volunteer Umpire, Committee Chair or other) and attendance at three quarters of the Monthly Board of Directors Meetings during this eight month period.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors, please join the current board at any monthly meeting as listed on our calender page.


2017-2018 Executive Board (term 10/1/17-9/30/18): 

Dave Rosenberg- President
Dave Kuchler- VP Baseball
Mary Ann Jennings- VP Softball
Carl Anderson- Special Events
Tom Kovacs- Snack Shack Coordinator
Mary Scimone- Secretary
Darren Snediker- Treasurer
Scott Glassman  - Player Agent

2017-2018 Board of Directors (term 10/1/17-9/30/18): 

Boris Konstantinovsky
Carl Anderson
Chris Berardo
Darren Snediker
Dave Kuchler
Dave Rosenberg
Dean Petrillo
Debbie Kovacs
Ed Kilheeney
Greg Scher
Jennifer Ward
Jim Breheney
John Drury
John Tan
Mary Ann Jennings
Mary Scimone
Paul Walsh 
Scott Glassman
Steve Sommer
Tom Duffy
Tom Kovacs
Tom O'Neill
Tony Yuhas

Honorary Lifetime Board of Directors:

Don Zerby
Doug Caruso
Jim Muldowney
Lisa Piacentino
Michelle Nielson
Rich Fabian
Rodney Reinson

B.O.D. Monthly Meeting:

Meetings are typically held the second Wednesday of every month. Please check calendar for date, time and location.