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Greetings and Happy New Year from the USSSA. The 2007 season is upon us and
USSSA is proudly preparing for our 40th Anniversary. It is with sincere
gratitude and thanks to you and all of our membership that we are
approaching the 2007 season looking to make this year our best yet.

2007 Team Insurance Updates - Buyer Beware!

As many of you are finding, there are numerous reasons to protect your
coaches, players and sponsor's buy purchasing an annual Team Liability and
Medical Insurance Policy. In fact, many organizations and Recreation and
Parks are requiring teams and leagues to have it.

USSSA is the nation's largest multi-sport athletic organization. With 40
years experience and over 3.5 million participants, our goal and stated
mission is "Providing the Highest Quality" possible to our member teams
and athletes in all we do.

One of USSSA's most valuable benefits is the USSSA Insurance Program. The
protection, not only of our teams and athletes, but of our affiliated
parks/field owners and directors throughout the country is of paramount

Without question, there are many companies in business of selling
insurance. As many in New Orleans found out last year, purchasing
insurance is the easy part. Finding out if you have the coverage you need
is a scary after thought. The USSSA Insurance Program and our team of
professionals at Filice Insurance and K&K Insurance clearly understand our
needs and offer unmatched service and coverage to our member teams and
athletes. Don't take any chances or unnecessary risks with your most
valuable assets, your people!

Our insurance covers your team for play and practice regardless of which
association your participating in on any particular weekend.

The USSSA Insurance Program is designed by USSSA in cooperation with its
insurance professionals at K & K Insurance and Filice Insurance to create a
significant cost discount for the quantity of insurance purchased by USSSA
members and related parties. In addition, the policies are designed to
address deductible, coverage and financial ability of the insurance carrier
issues to best suit USSSA members and related parties at a reasonable cost.
The USSSA policies for field owners, teams, members, leagues, tournaments,
officials, etc. are designed to work together and to avoid gaps in
coverage. USSSA has found that it is to most everyone's benefit, in the
event of an insurable occurrence, to have as many as possible of the
potential defendants covered by the same insurance carrier. This avoids
undue finger pointing and disagreements among the potential defendants. If
you decide to purchase your insurance through another company unaffiliated
with the USSSA insurance program!
, there can be no assurance that the deductible, the coverage or the
insurance carrier will be what you have come to expect with USSSA

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