Past Players in College

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Winchester Post 21 Alumni Who Went On To Play College Baseball

Ryan Anderson - Potomac State College/Shenandoah University
Chris Baker - Eastern Mennonite University
Ian Baker - Roanoke College
Addison Barber - Old Dominion University
Nick Barnes - University of Charleston
Chris Basso - Temple University
Mike Beckman - George Mason University
Steve Bell - Frostburg State University
Colin Benner - Shepherd University
Jared Bentley - Shepherd University
John Bentley - Shepherd University
Brent Bertschinger - Shenandoah University
John Boyer - Clemson University/Shenandoah College
Robby Bursey - Radford University
Jason Byrne - Shenandoah University
Michael Campbell - University of South Carolina
Jacob Carney - Shepherd University
Zach Carney - Shenandoah University
Eric Chrisman - Shepherd University
Matt Clay - University of Virginia
Donnie Cochran - Alleghany Junior College/Shepherd College
Matt Copley - Shepherd University
Mark Costello - Louisburg Junior College
Josh Dick - University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Alex Dobry - University of Virginia at Wise
Neil Dutton - Shenandoah University
Ethan Emmart - Potomac State College
Brandon Ewing - Shenandoah University
Donnie Farmer - Shenandoah College
Tommy Farrell - Alderson Broaddus College
Brandon Fletcher - University of Virginia at Wise
Chris Flynn - Eastern Mennonite University/Mars Hill College
Jordan Gibson - Charleston Southern University
John Goode - Virginia Military Institute
Mike Goode - Shenandoah University
Nick Goode - Hagerstown Community College
Sean Goodson - Shenandoah University
Connor Gorman - Chesapeake College
Brian Gray - University of Virginia
Matt Griffin - Shenandoah University
Jeff Hahn - Clemson University/Detroit Tigers
Ryan Hartigan - University of Virginia
John Hawse - Shepherd University
Billy Hayes - Hagerstown Community College
Stephen Hughes - Lynchburg College
Jacob Jaye - Virginia Military Institute
Aaron Jones - Delaware Tech Community College
Bruce Keenan - Bucknell University
Cohen Kerns - Chesapeake Community College
Ronnie Kimble - Ferrum College
Billy Koelker - Shenandoah University
Tavis Laws - Eastern Mennonite University/Shepherd University
Tommy Lekas - Chesapeake Community College
Todd Lewis - Bridgewater College
Brent Lockhart - Potomac State College/West Virginia University
Brock Lockhart - Shenandoah University
Mike Lockhart - Clemson University/Cleveland Indians
Jason Lombard - Potomac State College
Taylor Loudan - Christopher Newport University
Kenny Mallory - Alleghany Junior College
Ethan Mathews - Danville Community College
Matt McCarty - Tennessee Wesleyan College/Shepherd University
Drew McCormick - Shepherd University
Scotty McCormick - Shepherd University
Eddie McKee - Alleghany Junior College/Shenandoah College
Josh Michaels - Hampden Sydney College
Ty Michaud - Chesapeake Community College
Daniel Nawrocki - Shenandoah University
Jalen Newcome - West Virginia Wesleyan College
Donnie Oates - Shepherd College
Tyler Orndorff - Daytona State College/King College
Drew Paice - Shenandoah University
Frankie Paige - Louisburg Junior College/George Mason University
Jonathan Painter - Shepherd College
Sam Plank - West Virginia University
Nolan Potts - Shenandoah University
Derek Reid - Shenandoah University
Ryan Reid - Shenandoah University
Jacob Rudolph - University of Mary Washington/Shepherd University
Rudy Rudolph - Shenandoah University/Virginia Tech
John Scott - Potomac State College
Mike Sempeles - Stetson University
Kyle Simmers - Hampden Sydney College
Justin Sloan - Virginia Military Institute
Chase Smallwood - Shepherd University
Cody Smallwood - Shenandoah University
Kyle Smallwood - Bluefield College/Shenandoah University
Carder Smith - Lenoir Rhyne Community College
Anthony Sosnoskie - Virginia Tech
Buddy Sosnoskie - Virginia Tech/Francis Marion University/Baltimore Orioles
Jarrett Sowder - Shenandoah University
Tim Spore - Potomac State College
Connor Stevenson - Emory & Henry College
Zach Stiles - Allegheny Community College/Newberry College
Brian Thomas - Hagerstown Community College
Darrell Thompson - Shenandoah University
James Timbers - George Mason University
Michael Tinsman - Lynchburg College
Chris Tripp - Roanoke College
Kendall Ulmer - Coastal Carolina University
Cody Unger - Ferrum College
Greg Van Sickler - Shenandoah University
Josh Verts - University of Virginia at Wise
Cody Vorous - Shenandoah University
Adam Whitacre - Radford University
Brian White - Shepherd University
Patrick Wingfield - University of Virginia
Jimmy Winterer - Roanoke College

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