Gear Description

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Radnor Boys Basketball Gear 
Members of our Radnor Basketball teams must have a reversible Radnor pinny for every practice. Our coaches will have pinnies available for purchase at the beginning of the season. All players new to the high school team are required to get a pinny. In addition, each player should have appropriate basketball shoes for both practice and games. Game day shoes must be of Radnor colors (white, black or maroon). Socks should also be white, black or maroon. Shoes worn for practice can be the same game day shoes, or any appropriately supportive basketball shoes. 
Uniforms are provided by the team. They are handed out at a practice sometime prior to our first games, and then must be turned in again (clean!) at the end of the season. Each player will receive one set of white shirt/shorts, as well as one set of maroon shirt/shorts.
On game days, our JV and Varsity players all wear team warm up suits to school that day. The cost of the warm up suits are covered by dues and the Booster Club. 
The team also has shooting shirts that they wear as they warm up on the court prior to games. From year to year it varies as to whether these are purchased via the Booster Club and given to the boys, or if they need to be purchased by each player. The source of funds for these shirts is dependent upon the team's successful fundraising efforts.