Coaches General Information

Thank you for volunteering! Keep in mind that the experience players have with you a coach will stay with them for life! Be positive, be organized, and set a good example!


Do you know how to reach your Age Commissioner? They are the best resource for all your needs throughout the season. Click here for Age Commissioner contact information.


How to Log into and Manage your GotSoccer Team and Coach Account (User Guide)

How to Email Players from Gotsoccer

How to Submit Scores in Gotsoccer (U10 and older)


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How to submit a Referee Report


The playing format for RCSA did change to align with the USSF Mandates. Click here to review the new format.(RCSA Rules Quick Guide)


Background checks, CDC Concussion Training, and ID cards are REQUIRED for all volunteers. ID cards must brought to ever game shown by all coaches, assistant coaches and team managers during a game. Any individual who does not have their card will not be allowed to be on the player sidelines. No more than 3 members of a team will be eligible to obtain a coaches id badge, another words – only 3 adults are allowed on the coaches’ side of the field during a game. The intent of this rule is for the continued safety and protection of all RCSA youth. See this page for more information.



1.  REGISTER and complete an online background check and CDC Concussion Training. Individuals who will be on a roster should register and complete the background check and training. You can access this from your Gotsoccer coach account. Click here on How to Complete a Background Check. 


Here is step by step instructions with pictures for your convenience. Click here. 


2.  Coach Training - Check the USYS Coach Resources available online. Listen for more information at the coach meeting. Also see more coach resources below.

3.  Think about a team name - No duplications within a league. Submit 3 names to your commissioner once you have been notified that you are coach.

4.  Uniforms for your team - All teams will have uniforms provided each fall. In the spring, new players, new teams and returning player to new teams will be provided another uniform. Returning players to the same team will keep the uniform from the fall. Any returning playing on a returning team that needs a new shirt will have to pay $10. Uniforms are pre-ordered and pre-numbered and information on colors is not available until the coach meeting. Team roster information sheet will have the players shirt size that was ordered.



5. Check time and date for coaches meeting - Once RCSA has confirmed the date and time, you will be notified via email. However, be aware when this day is approaching in the event you miss the email. Your attendance will be required. These meetings are at the same time each season and usually fall mid August for the fall season and early February for the spring. 

6.  About practice - Practice can start as soon as your receive your roster. You may want to practice on Saturday the first two weeks before games begin. Make sure your practices are in an approved area (including but not limited to, school grounds and city parks). Be prepared with this information when contacting parents for the first time. *** Trinity Baptist Church on 66 has allowed RCSA teams to practice on their land. Please call Lisa at 972-635-2532 and leave a message with your preferred day/time. She will contact you if there any conflicts.

Also make sure your parents know that the player will need shin guards, ball, and water bottle for all practices and games.

Coaches are expected to hold at least 1 practice per week. Length of practices depends on age group, but are typically about 1 hour. A little longer for older players and a little shorter for the younger ones.

Practice times, dates and locations are set at the discretion of the coach. Please keep time reasonable for commuting parents.

RCSA does not assign additional volunteers to help each team. The head coach should coordinate with parents of the assigned players. Notification can be made to RCSA so these additional coaches can be added to the roster once they register and complete the background check and CDC Concussion Training. 

7.  Contact parents of your players - Contact parents as soon as you receive your roster. Email from your GotSoccer team account to reach your parents but...if you do not get a response from them via email, please do call them. Some email addresses will go to spam/junk or the is an error in the address due to human error. If you are unable to reach a player, please call your commissioner so we can attempt to do so and replace that player if needed.

8.  Schedules - Schedules are available online approximately 1 week prior to the start of the season. Please check your schedule each week for any changes. Coach conflicts are best handled by having an Assistant Coach on your roster. Teams are allowed 2 additional coaches. Contact your commissioner if you have any questions about your schedule.

9. Rescheduling games - A team can request a reschedule. A fee of $50 must be collected prior to RCSA working on the reschedule. The opposing team must agree to the rescheduled game. If the opposing team does not agree, then the reschedule fee will be refunded and the game will stand as scheduled. Please follow the procedure below to submit a request.

  • Contact the appropriate Age Group Commissioner to request approval to begin the reschedule process, giving the reason why you are requesting a reschedule. Note: Reschedule requests can not include stipulations on when the rescheduled game will be played.
  • Contact the opposing team coach to ask for his/her approval to reschedule the game. Note: If the opposing team coach does not agree to a reschedule, the game will not be rescheduled and no fees will be due.
  • Contact the Age Group Commissioner to let him/her know that the opposing team coach has agreed to a reschedule.
  • Fill out the Reschedule Request form completely and submit it, along with the $50 reschedule request fee, to the RCSA Scheduler at least ten (10) days before the currently scheduled date. Payment may be made by cash, check or money order.

Once the game scheduler has rescheduled the game, the Age Group Commissioner will inform both coaches of the new game time and date.


Concussion Awareness and Training     

HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports is a free, online course available to coaches, parents, and others helping to keep athletes safe from concussion. It features interviews with leading experts, dynamic graphics and interactive exercises, and compelling storytelling to help you recognize a concussion and know how to respond if you think that your athlete might have a concussion.

Once you complete the training and quiz, you can print out a certificate, making it easy to show your league or school you are ready for the season. Beginning Spring 2016 season, this certificate will be mandatory in order to receive your coaches card. You can still receive your roster. 

How to complete the Concussion Training Video for Coaches





*Jewelry - No metal hair clips are allowed in the hair; no ear rings, ear/nose/cheek studs, and no lip/knee rings. This includes no Band-Aids covering them. No wrist bracelets, "Armstrong" bands, etc. may be worn by any player. No exceptions, no excuses, no jewelry. 

*Coaches ID Badges and North Texas Rosters - Each coach must have their Coaches ID Badge at ever game. Each coach must have a current North Texas roster with them at every game.

*Playing Time - All players attending a game shall play a minimum of 50% of game time, however if arrives late will play 50% of the remaining game time. 

*Coaching Area - All coaching will be confined to an area of a minimum of three feet away from the touch line and fifty percent of the length of the field on one side of the midfield line. They must remain on the players side of the field and cannot cross the midfield line. PARENTS (without a coaches card) ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THIS AREA.

*Red Card/Send-Off - As per NTSSA Rule,, and, any player/coach receiving a send-off (Red Card) must sit-out the next scheduled game that the player’s team is involved in. In order to verify that the offending player/coach serves his/her game suspension, this form must be completed by the coach, assistant coach, or team manager and the referee must sign off on the fact that the player/coach did not participate. Player/Coach receiving send-off must then submit this report to the tournament headquarters and/or team’s playing league. Player must present himself/herself before and after game to the referee for credit for sit-out. Coach not allowed on complex while he/she sits out.

*Referees - If a referee is a no show, you also need to contact the personnel at the concession stand or officer in charge as soon as possible. These individuals are your first point of contact.


Laws of the Game:

The link below is a training video for each of the 17 Laws as outlined by USSF. It may prove useful not only to new coaches but referees needing a refresher.



Referee Evaluation:

RCSA is proud to have some of the best recreational referees in N. Texas. Coaches' evaluation of referees is one of the many important and critical parameters that we uses to improve performance of our referees. To evaluate your referee, please click the link below, fill out and submit. It only takes a few minutes to fill out.





Zero Tolerance Policy:

Coaches, players, parents and all members of the RCSA are expected to uphold this policy and respect the referee regardless of their age or experience. Click to read