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The Redbirds franchise started in 2000. The team was founded by Ryan Harris and Brian Nix. The team was built primarily from former teammates that they played with and friends. Several players, Ryan Harris, Sean Robinson, Scott Roukey, Chris Lux and Brian Nix came over from the Mariners team in 18 aa. Harris recruited Brian Fearn and Mike Silver and Nix brought in Mike Barnes and Todd Jordan. The Birds drafted a few players that didn't pan out and then Coach Harris made a great call to get Tony Im and Steve Stapp from the players pool. With that Tony Im, brought over Hayward Cook. Despite a very talented group of players,
the Birds finished the season 11-10. It was a very good year for a newly established team in the top division of 18's. It took a few games for Coach Harris to find the right chemistry and for the team to gel. The Birds came up one game short of the play-offs, but was a successful season, and the good start for the franchise.


The 2001 season the Redbirds relied on a nucleous that consisted of Mike Silver, Mike Barnes, Brian Fearn, Brian Nix, Todd Jordan and Hayward Cook, the Birds were poised for a run at the title. The Birds had a great regular season, thet had the best record in the division and a first round bye. In only their second season, the Redbirds established themselves as one of the best teams in 18 aaa. After defeating the Tigers, in a very close and exciting game, the Birds advance to the championship series to face the Firebirds. In the Battle of the Birds, the Firebirds struck first, taking Game 1 of a DH. The Birds didn't roll over and ended up dominating game 2 to take the series to a deciding game 3. With the staff ace Mike Silver, unable to go, Brian Nix stepped up to pitch. The game was close until the 7th inning, when the Firebirds struck for 3 runs to take a 5-2 lead and never looked back. Even though the season didn't end the way they wanted, the Birds earned the respect of the more experienced Firebirds team, and it started a Rivalry.


Depite the dissapointing way the 2001 season ending, there was much hope in Redbirdland for 2002. The addition of Jr. Riordan, Justin Ballis, Ryan Mink and Steve Gill the Birds bolstered their line-up. The Birds were poised and ready to go for back to back division titles. But with injuries, suspensions, and the departure of key veterans the first half of the season left the team scrambling for players. After hitting rock bottom at a dismal 4-11 start, the Birds finished the season winning 5 of 6 games and secured the final playoff spot. With the pick ups of Bobby Bystrowski, Brian Blauser, Jimmy Branch and Mike Trafficante, the Redbirds ran the table in the playoffs. First they beat their arch nemesis the A's, in a come from behind victory. Then it was on to face the Tigers, who were the number #1 seed in their division. The Birds jumped out to a lead but the Tigers battled all game and it came down to the final batter and the Birds held on and advance to the championship series once again. With momentum behind them and several players swinging hot bats, Championship series MVP Mike Trafficante and Jr Riordan, the Birds had victories of 17-4 and 21-9 over the Royals in the championship sweep. The Birds amazing season ended with the earning their first championship plaque.


The 2003 season began with hopes of a repeat championship season.
They finished the season with a strong record of 14-8. Advancing to the play-offs, they defeated the Barons in an exciting game but the dream came to an end with a semi-final defeat to the arch rival A's.
This marked the last time key original veterans Mike Silver and Brian Fearn would don Redbird jerseys. The Birds were now in a transition stage. As several veterans departed from the championship season, the Birds turned to new faces and younger players.


The new look Redbirds started the 2004 season with promise but quickly sputtered. With several injuries to key players and the departure of a couple of star player the Birds limped to a dissapointing 9-13 record and a play-off less year. With a lackluster draft and not much chemistry, the second half of the season was a disaster with a dismantled pitching staff and mediocre line-up.


The 2005 season was a rebuilding season for the Birds. Coach Harris did what he could to put the best team he could on the field. With injuries and loss of certain players left the Redbirds to a dismal 6-15-1 record. The worst in franchise history. This left coach Harris with a decision to either dismantle the team or merge with another team to contend with the talent depth the other 18 AAA teams have.


The 2006 season for the Birds, was simply that, for the Birds. Much like the '05 season, the Redbirds were simply outmatched on the talent level with the other teams in 18 aaa. With an inconsistant pitching staff and under performing line-up, it was a long and dissapointing summer for the boys in Red. Another 6-15 season was enough to convince the Redbirds management to make the switch to the 28 and over division to be competitive. The Birds had a good run in the 18 aaa, made the play-offs 4 of the 7 years, one division title and 1 championship. The also earned the respect of other teams in the division over the years.


The 2007 season will be a first for the Redbirds. We will be making the transition from the 18 AAA to the 28 AA division. Our 2006 season did not go as planned. We no longer had the talent or the chemistry to play competitive baseball in that division. So we have decided to go back to playing baseball the way we started. By adding friends and guys that love to play baseball to our roster. And go back to playing Redbird baseball, having fun and building a winning tradition again. We have picked up former Redbirds, Steve Stapp and Tony Im. The returning Birds will be Brian Nix, Ryan Harris and Davin Gardner. We have made some key free agent acquisitions in Ben Young, Ben Ranson, Mark Pafford and Brandon Kemler. They previously played on the 28 AA Mudcats and were their core players on a team that was runner up last year. We also brought over Kyle Manna, and Jeremy Sutter from our Woodcreek team. Rounding out of new acquisitions, we picked up Pat Jimosse and Dave Powers from the 28 A Padres, Kenny Dugdale from the 28 AAA Rangers and Chris Gale who is new to the NABA. With the season a little more than a week away, the excitement is building and the anticipation is growing. The Redbirds are set to take flight on our 2007 season and I have a feeling, it's going to be a season to remember.

The '07 season didn't start well for the Birds. Coming out of the gates at 2-3-1 was not the start they were looking for. They also lost SS and clean-up hitter Ben Ransom to a season ending knee injury in game 2. The Birds added to their flock, picking up Nathan Wrought and Aaron Keblis to strengthen the roster. Then the offense started putting up unbelieveable numbers to help carry the team to 4 straight victories, the last 3 being 10+ run victories. In a DH match-up against the Red Sox, the shorthanded Birds were bit by the injury bug, losing starting OF's Chris Gale and Mark Pafford to leg injuries and getting swept in high scoring slugfests. The next game proved to be the turning point of the season when team ace Kyle Manna threw a complete game to defeat the Royals and got the Birds over .500 with a record of 7-6-1. Meanwhile the offense continued to put up franchise record numbers and the confidence was growing. It was at this point where the team started to gel and rally around each other and started playing true Redbird baseball and the thought of winning a championship was back in our minds. They closed the regular season winning 5 of the next 7 games and finished in 3rd place in their division with a below expectation 12-8-1 record. We knew going into the play-offs that if we played to our ability that we were the team to beat. The 1st round we faced off against the Red Sox, who were 2-0-1 against us in the regular season. Led by the arm of Kyle Manna and stix of Jeremy Sutter and Aaron Keblis, the Birds went on to win 14-3 in 7 innings and secured the Redbirds 1st play-off win since 2003. Round 2 was against the Division Champion Storm who were 15-5 in the regular season and 2-1 against the Birds. The Birds jumped out to a 4-0 lead in the 2nd with a 3-run blast by Dave Powers. Proved to be all Wing of the year winner Manna would need, shutting down the powerful Storm 7-1, and giving the Redbirds their first championship appearance since 2002. The championship series pitted the Birds vs. the Dodgers, who dominated the National division with a 16-4 regular season record including beating the Birds 16-9 earlier in the year. The Dodgers took the lead in game 1 1-0 before the Birds struck for 4 in the 3rd innings and took a 14-1 lead into the 8th inning. The Dodgers rallied for 6 runs but couldn't handle the 21 hit attack led by Jeremy Sutters 5 hits and 7 rbi's and the Birds took game 1 17-7 behind another strong pitching perfomance by Manna. Game 2 starter Tony Im took the hill as the Birds were looking to sweep the series. The Dodgers once again took the lead, scoring 2 runs in the top of the 1st. The Birds bats were still hot, scoring 7 unanswered runs. Brian Nix came into relief to shut the door on the Dodgers and giving the Redbird franchise its 2nd championship and 1st in 5 years.
It was a tremedous and rewarding victory for the Birds, who had an up and down season, but when the dust settled, the Birds were flying high. Dominating the play-offs by scoring 52 runs and allowing only 14 in the 4 games. Setting franchise records in runs scored, HR's, extra base hits, SB's and batting average, etc. 2007 turned out to be a great year, both on the field and off, and many on the team will agree it was on of their most fun years ever playing baseball.


After winning the 28 AA Championship in 2007, the Redbirds moved up to 28 AAA in 2008, to compete against the best teams in 28 and over. The Birds were returning 12 players from their 2007 roster and added 6 key players to the mix mainly to sure up the defense and add to pitching depth. The Birds welcomed a group of players who played in 28 AAA the year before on the Newcastle Nine. Mike Kerr, Ben Barker, Mirek May and Drew Hill all added an immediate impact to the nucleus of the team. The Birds also added Phil Schmich who brought over solid defense and winning attitude from his days playing on the Mudcats with some current Redbirds. And last but not least, the Redbirds welcomed back a player from the past, Alfredo Rodriguez who played on the 2003 and 2004 teams. Returning players included '07 All-Stars Jeremy Sutter and Dave Powers. The ace of the staff Kyle Manna. The defensive captian behind the dish, Ben Young. OF's Chris Gale and Mark Pafford and IF's Aaron Keblis, Davin Gardner and Brandon Kemler. The Birds retained their coaching staff of Brian Nix managing the squad, Ryan Harris coaching, and Steve Stapp as director of player personel and coach.

The Birds were mainly an offensive team in '07 and the Birds coaching staff knew they had to be better rounded if the wanted to capture back to back championships. After leading the league in scoring in '07 with 332 runs in 25 games(13 rpg) the '08 Birds scored 294 runs in 23 games (12 rpg)outscoring the 2nd highest team by 78 runs. The biggest difference between last years team and this years is runs allowed. In '07 the Birds yielded 228 runs with 152 being er's, in '08 they only gave up a league low 124 runs with only 97 being er's. A huge reason why was their defensive play. In 2007, they had 85 errors and only 47 in 2008. Their run differencial for 2008 was a staggering +169, which is one of the highest in the Sac Naba.

The regular season had the Birds recording their best record in franchise history, going 16-3-1, including eight 10 run or more victories and scored 20+ runs in 4 games. This year unlike last, the Redbirds were they favorite going into the play-offs, having clinched the #1 seed. In round 1 they played the Warhawks who were 0-4 vs. the Birds in the regular season but came ready to play. The Birds offense scored 2 runs in the 1st and 1 in the 4th. The Hawks closed the gap with a run in the top of the 5th. Led by Ben Barker, who scattered only 4 hits in 8p, the Birds scored a 4 spot in the 6th and 2 more in the 7th to put the game out of reach. The offense was led by Jeremy Sutter who had 4 hits and Mike Kerr who had 3 including a 2 run HR. The 8-6 win secured a championship series trip vs. the Gators. The Gators were the #2 seed and had a lot of good players who were determined to give the Birds a run for their money. In Game 1, Kyle Manna shook off a shoulder injury to give the Birds 5 solid innings and a 6-3 lead. Mirek May came in shut the door, to pick up the save and a game 1 victory. The offense got started when Drew Hill hit a HR in the 3rd and Ben Barker added a HR in the 7th. The Gators came out of the gates fired up in Game 2, scoring 7 runs in the first 3 innings. The score was 8-2 going into the 6th when the Birds started their amazing comeback. Scoring 3 in the 6th with a big 2 run blast by Chris Gale and gave the Birds hope. They added 3 more in the 7th to tie the game. The Gators didn't allow it tied for long, scoring 2 in the bottom of the 7th. In the 8th, the Birds scored 7 runs and held off the Gators to secure the championship and win back to back titles for the first time in franchise history. Ben Barker came in relief and got the win after pitching 6 strong innings and slowed down a very good offensive team. The final score was 15-10, but the Gators had bases loaded in the 9th and with a couple hits could have been alot closer. Considering the previous 2 championship series's the Birds swept all four games in 10 running fashion, these games were definately nail-bitters. The Birds won their 3rd championship in 8 years and have won 6 straight championship series games and 7 play-off games in a row. They will try to add to those numbers and hoist a 3rd championship plaque in a row in 2009.


Coming off back to back championship season, the Birds were flying sky high. With the return of the majority of the team, and additional of a couple new players, Nate Pudewell and Rob Kirk, the Birds had aspirations of a 3-peat. The season didn't start off as planned. They lost game 1 in a blow-out to the Gators, the first time they got 10 runned since Brian Nix took over coaching. That seemed to set the tone for most of the season. Although the Birds showed some signs of dominating like they did in 2008, they simply didn't finish off team like they did before. With injuries, and missed games by several key players and inconsistant defense, the Birds weren't a complete team. But behind a 5 game winning streak in the 2nd half, they secured the #2 play-off spot by going 13-6-1 in the regular season. With a strong second half the Birds were confident that they would turn into the play-off dominating team they have been over the last couple years, having never lost a play-off game in the Nix era, going 7-0. In the first round they faced off against the improved Warhawks team that the Birds beat in the first round of the play-offs in 2008. The Birds took the innitial lead with a HR by Davin Gardner. With a 2 run lead and staff ace Nate Pudewell on the hill, the Birds thought that it was going to be their day. But it was not meant to be. The Warhawks came out swinging and took advantage of several key errors and misques to end the Birds play-off run and season. Even though the season ended in defeat the Birds left the field with their heads held high. After a difficult and challenging season, it was called by several players one of the best they have ever had playing baseball. And in the end, even though we didn't win a championship, we had a great season. It also sets the presedence for the 2010 season.


With the retiring of several Birds, Dave Powers, Kyle Manna and Ryan Harris, and Mike Kerr and Aaron Keblis not able to play, the Birds have made several huge pick ups, including long time Bird-killer Bruce Newman, Neal Logue, Greg Garcia, and Steve Stapp who is taking his 4th tour of duty with the Birds. Coach Nix will man the ship once again and with returning All-Stars, Jeremy Sutter, Ben Young, Nate Pudewell, Davin Gardner, Mirek May, and Ben Barker. Also retuning, Birds defensive player of the year, Alfredo Rodriguez, Chris Gale, Drew Hill, Phil Schmich, and Rob Kirk. With the season 2 weeks away, the story of the 2010 Redbirds is yet to be told, but it looks like it could be another great year in Birdland...

The Redbirds came out firing on all cylinders in the season opener, blowing away their rivals, the Storm, 17-0. This set a statement to the rest of the league that this was going to be the year of the Birds. After the dissapointing season in 2009, the Birds were determined to get back on top. After a close game in week 3 against the Red Sox, the Birds offense started putting up staggering numbers. Posting 9 staight 10 run victories. The offense which has been the strength of the Birds since the 2007 season, continue that in 2010. Leading the league with and setting a franchise high 360 runs in 23 games. An average of 15 runs scored per game. With a team batting AVE of .409, and OBP of .497, the Birds were a threat to any pitching staff in the league. The Birds also showed power and speed. Smacking 37 HR's and swipping 62 bases with only 7 caught stealings. They also set a new franchise record with 13 triples as a team. The pitching and defense all had a stellar year. Allowing a franchise low 97 runs. Which is only 4 runs a game. The run differencial was strictly for the Birds this year, with a mindboggling +263 more runs scored than allowed. Beating the previous franchise record of +169 in 2008. The defense had 36 errors for the season, which is the lowest in franchise history. The team ERA was an amazing 3.54 with a WHIP of 1.36. The Birds were on cruise control for most of the year. They finished the regular season with a 21-0 mark. The closest games of the season were wins by 4 runs to the Red Sox, who were their opponents in the championship series.

Game 1 of the championship series sarted off slow for the Birds but the offense took over. Mirek May smacked 2 HR's, and Davin Gardner hit a grand slam to provide the offensive fireworks and Redbird's ace, Nate Pudewell cruised over 8 innings, allowing no er's and striking out 9 to earn his 13th win of the season. The final score was 25-6 and set up the Birds for their 3rd championship in 4 yrs and 4th in franchise history. The win was teams 7th straight championship game victory. But the Red Sox weren't going to roll over for anyone and came out with a bang in game 2. Jumping out to a 4-0 lead in the first couple innings. The Birds stayed the course and battled back to take the lead in a see-saw battle that saw both teams giving it their all. Mirek May hit another clutch 3 run HR, in a 5 run inning to take the lead. The Birds added 3 more runs in the top of the 9th to give them some insurrance, as Bruce Newman hit his team leading 10th HR of the season. Ben Barker pitched a complete game for the victory, as he did in game 2 of the championship series in 2008. The Birds ended up winning the game 14-7 and solidified not only another championship, but a perfect 23-0 season. The first in Sacramento NABA history. Mirek May was named championship series MVP, going 6x9 with 2B, 3 HR's, 11 RBI's, and 6 runs scored. This was a very special season that will never be forgotten by any of the guys who played on the squad this year.


The Birds went thru a big change in the 2011 season.  After winning and dominating the 25 and over division for the past 4 seasons, winning 3 championships, 4 play-off births and going 71-18-3, including going 23-0 in 2010, the majority of the team left to form a new team.  Coach Nix was left with a decision to pull the plug on the Redbirds, or to rebuild the team.  The remaining players Jeremy Sutter, Chris Gale, Nate Pudewell and longtime Redbird Davin Gardner, along with Brian Nix, decided to keep the team together. The team brought back former Birds, Matt Gonzalez, Kyle Manna and Dave Powers.  Other players brought in were newcombers Gregg Arioto, Eric Brooks, Cecelio Duran, Kurt Rozzi, Tony Marquez and Bubba Schmich.  The season openor for the season fittingly pitted the Birds against the Gamecocks, the team that was assembled with mainly former Redbirds. In a game that resembled a play-off like atmosphere, the new look Redbirds came out victorious were off to a great start to the season. After the first 8 games the Birds record was 7-1 and they were in 1st place. But after losing the majority of the starting line-up from the previous season finally caught up with them. The second half of the season, the team struggled to field 9-10 guys and the lack of depth, especially in the pitching department, cost them several games. They ended the season going 11-9-1 and limping into the play-offs as the #3 seed.  And as fate would have it, they met the Gamecocks in the first round.  In a back and forth battle, the Birds could not hold the lead.  The final score was 12-9 in a hard fought battle.  After all was said and done and the dust settled, it was a very good season considering only 5 of the 17 players from the year before were returning.  Coach Nix not only had to rebuild a team, but try to create the chemistry and comradery that was such a big part of the previous successful teams of year's past.  It was also a new chapter in Redbirds history as they once again try to get back to being a championship level team.

FRANCHISE RECORD  159-109-5              

The 2012 season was a new start for the Birds in a whole new league. After 12 years in  
NABA, the team moved to the newly formed CMBL. The Birds got off to a fast start and
immediately got the attention of the league. Going 4-1 in the first 5 games of the season.
Energized by new players from a disbanded Red Sox team, Dallas Stone, Bret Barrie,
Darin Reintjes , Matt Hopkins and Armando Garcia, along with long time NABA vet Dave
Jones, the Birds were the surprise team of the Elite division and were the #2 team at the
All-Star break meaning the got the most representative along with coach Nix as they got toplay at Raley field. The offense was lead by long time Redbird All-Star Jeremy Sutter. He
lead the team with a .479 average and 25 rbi's. Newcomer Dave Jones, led the team in
hits and doubles. Darin Reintjes led the pitching staff with a sparkling 2.91 era. As in the
pervious season, the Redbirds sputtered in the 2nd half of the season and ended the
season going 11-10 and a game out of getting the 4th seed for the play-offs. This marked
the first time in 6 years that the Birds did not make the play-offs and the 1st time under
coach Nix's reign. Although the Birds did were barely over .500 and did not make the
playoffs, it was still a successful season as the team was in the playoff hunt until the last
game of the year when they were knocked out by the Gamecocks.