Tournament Feedback

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Hey Jim, sorry I missed you before we left (you were coaching your game). Just wanted to thank you guys for an awesome tournament. I think you guys were a class act and did a great job. I liked the tournament format….the gold, silver, and bronze system, etc. Many of our were very impressed from the fields, to the friendliness, to the umpires, and even to the concession stand and restrooms. Kudos and pass along our thanks to your crew.
Thank you for a great weekend! The organization was awesome, from your fields crew preparing each field for every game, to the concession stand and clean rest rooms! I can only imagine the time, effort and sleepless nights you've experienced preparing. Our team appreciates you having us and we look forward to coming back!
I am a parent of one of the GNBL Hammerheads. I wanted to tell you that we had a great time and the tournament was ran so smoothly. I have been to quite a few tournaments between my two boys and this was by far the most organized ran tournament, hands down. I would have never of guessed this was your first one. Your field crews and umpires were top notch! We were all saying that we hope you host more because we would love to come back.

Again, thank you for having us. Keep on hosting....Do I hear Severn's 1st Annual Labor Day Bash in the works?
First I want to thank you again for such a great experience this weekend. I know that it is a lot of work and you did a great job! We would be happy yo play in another tournament that you host.

Thanks again, and we hope to see you again soon.
I' am the manager of the Chesapeake Vipers 10U team. My kids had a great time at your tournament. We have played several tournaments this season in the Delaware region. We felt that the tournament was run very well and the quality of the teams was very fair matched. We have played at Sports at the Beach on several occasions. You do not have to present birth certificates unless someone questions the age of a player. They charge you $100.00 per player to check their birth certificate. We unfortunately have left the tournament on many occasions wondering if we were playing against 10U teams. So we appreciate knowing that your tournament was conducted fairly and look forward to participating in future events. Good luck the rest of the season.
The “Schools Out” tournament that you ran was great. We really appreciate you getting us in to it.

Your “staff” of many volunteers had the fields looking good, concessions working, and the games begun on time.

We enjoyed the format (which allowed for 3 guaranteed games for all and half the teams played 4).

The only suggestions that I could make for improvement – there seemed to be some rules issues with the must slide rule. We had a play in our game and I felt the umpire interpreted it incorrectly. It did not have any bearing on the outcome of the game and was not a big deal for us. According to out other team (Fleming) they had a similar play.

What we do for our Harry O tournament is post the rules on our dugouts for the umpires to review prior to the games. The tournaments that we have played in there always seems to be issues with: must slide or not, substitutions, infield fly, dropped 3rd strike,…

As a parent (and GVAA 9U coach during travel ball), I thought you guys did an outstanding job with the "School's Out" tournament. My son really enjoyed playing and being a part of the tournament this weekend. Your format for the tournament allowed all teams to get a thorough playing experience. The tournament was well organized and the fields and facilities were excellent. We would love to come back next year and play again! Thanks again for hosting and looking forward to seeing you for the State tournament.