GAWL Rules 2014 (subject to change)

3 strikes is an out

6 balls is a walk (HBP is considered Ball).

3 outs an inning.

6 Innings minimum for a completed game.

League Fee must be payed before deadline in order to participate in any games. (Deadline is opening day)

A player must have a minimum of 5 games played in order to be eligible for playoffs.

Each team is allowed ONLY 2 make-up game passes. (Each one must be made up before 2 WEEKS have passed original match date).

No cleats are allowed to be worn during games.

Teams are given a 15 minute grace period to show up for their scheduled game. (Any more will result in a no-show)


(1) Pitching

A. A pitcher cannot start 3 games in a row.

B. Slow pitch (Gentlemans game).

C. 4 run max for recorded save.

D. If any pitch hits k zone (besides bottom legs) it is a recorded strike.

E. NO SCUFF of any kind allowed. The ball must be new or in very fair condition.

F. Pitchers Poison. (Must be within measurement to count).


(2) Batting

A. (Yellow official wiffle bats) Bats may be altered at the handle. Barrel of bat may not be stuffed, however, up to 1 foot can be altered with tape and or paint products on the bat, not including the bottom nob.

B. If fouled off "into" (not off posts) k zone for third strike it is considered a k.

C. Throwing bats at k-zone is prohibited. (You will be responsible for buying a new one).

D. Any trees hit in fair territory results in automatic HR even if the ball is caught afterwards.

E. It is not considered an error if the ball is thrown at a runner and misses. (example: if ball is thrown at runner going to first and misses, the runner can only advance 1 base, and it is recorded as a double not a single with an error).

F. Batting out of order results in an out if pitch is thrown to out of order atbatsman

G. NO BUNTING. (Ball must be hit past fair play line infront of k-zone).


(3) Fielding

A. Indian rubber and pitchers poison.

B. (At home plate) if ball touches any part of k zone (including legs) during play at home, the play results in an out.

C. (Double play) Force and back to pitcher before at batsman reaches base safely or vice versa. (same goes for play at plate by hitting any part of k-zone)(Rule 3B)

D. If ball is thrown out of playable area, it results in 1 base advance for all runners on base.


(4) Baserunning

A. Ghost runners are available.

B. Pickoffs are allowed

C. If pitcher trys to pick you off you are allowed to advance or retreat to a base.

D. Batter and Pitcher must reset for next pitch for there to be an eligable pickoff atempt.

E. There is no Hidden ball trick due to there being more than 1 wiffleball in the field of play at the pitchers mound. It is a deadball unless it comes from the pitchers hand unless hit into play.

F. When scoring, your foot must touch home plate. You do not need to touch the k zone.