Football Coaches Mandatory Credentials

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The following is a list of minimum requirements to coach for all rostered staff to include all coaches, team parents, trainers and equipment managers for the season. Please make sure you are there early and bring a photo id for check in.

1. Coaches must complete a Pop Warner Volunteer Application AND submit to a background screening and be cleared to coach.

2. Complete the Online USA Football Coaches Training. Contact your Association President or Football Commissioner to receive your discount code.

3. Attend the SE Region Coaches training which includes information on Pop Warner Rules & Philosophy, Risk Management and the Pop Warner Code of Conduct.

If you are wishing to be involved with the Tiny Mite program, you must also complete the additional Tiny Mite training class. Only individuals that have been Tiny Mite certified will be allowed on the sidelines for these games. This includes all rostered staff including team parents.

Online Coaches Re-Certification

Pop Warner Football and Spirit Coaches may complete their re-certification course online.

The Southeast Region firmly believes that all of our training programs are vitally important for volunteers who serve in leadership positions. All of our training programs are designed to allow our volunteer coaches and administrators to take on bigger and greater challenges. Universally, volunteers are the backbone of any non-profit organization.

Volunteers who are properly trained and supported can strengthen their program and expand the work they are able to do in their community and more likely to volunteer again. Rest assured your selfless contribution of time and energy in your community does not go unnoticed.

This online re-certification training is considered the minimum training for Football and Spirit coaches. Their are six chapters for football coaches which meet the full requirements for re-certification, while there are 4 chapters for spirit coaches. Spirit coaches will also need to attend a local hands-on clinic to achieve full re-certification.

How to get started:

1. Go to the Southeast Region Re-Certification Training Site
2. Register for a new account by clicking the red "Register Button"
3. Once registered, click on the "Pay Now" links for the course you will be taking.
4. After Payment, the course status will change to "In Progress" - you can click that link to begin taking the course.

Click Here to Take the Online Coaches Re-Certification