The Woolwich Swim Team competes in four swim meets each summer with the other SWORSA swim teams from Fergus and Kincardine.  The meets are held in June and July in Fergus, Kincardine, Elmira and a final meet at a neutral venue (typically Wilmot).  Woolwich also hosts a fun meet in the fall and winter sessions.  


2019 Event List:

Each swimmer can enter three individual events from the list below.  The coaches will work with each swimmer to select their events.  Swimmers will also compete in two relay events.

2019 List of Swim Meet Events


2020 Summer Swim Meet Dates:

Fergus:  June 6th (NOTE:  TIME TBD.  This meet may be in the afternoon)

Kincardine:  June 20th (followed by our annual beach picnic)

Woolwich (Semi-Finals):  July 11th

Wilmot (Finals):  July 25th

For information on each venue, see Directions.


Arrival Time at Pool:  8am

Warm-up Time:  8:30am

Meet Start:  9am


More information:

Swim Meet Information Sheet for Parents


SWORSA Swim Meet Eligibility:

MEMBERS of COMPETITIVE SWIM CLUBS, UNIVERSITY CLUBS, SWIMMING CANADA, and SWIM ONTARIO: SWORSA is not affiliated with Swim Ontario and therefore swimmers who are registered members of competitive swim clubs, university clubs, Swimming Canada, Swim Ontario or who have a nine digit Swimming Canada registration number may only participate in S.W.O.R.S.A. events after their current registration has expired. Swimmers who have registered in seasonal programs at a competitive club or have had any affiliation with a competitive club during the current SWORSA year are not allowed to compete in SWORSA swim meets.