Sponsorship Information

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Maestro Travel


Sponsorship Packages:


  • 15 weeks of hole signage

  • Professionally designed sign with company logo

  • Listed on Golf League website sponsor page

  • Credit for 1 league entry fee


    Silver: $350.00 (Includes underlined items in Bronze)

  • Rotating banner on website

  • Ability to market your business one night during league

  • Credit for 2 league entry fees


    Gold: $750.00 (Includes underlined items in Bronze & Silver)

  • Business associated with Hole in One Contest

  • Ability to market your business any night during league as well as on the Saturday 18 hole-event

  • Ability to have business coupon on website

  • Send promotional emails to league members

  • Credit for 3 league entry fees


    Contact: Tom Seifert, 704-453-3422 tom@crossoversportsonline.com