The Carolina Ballers Basketball Club is a non-profit organization founded in January 2013 by Jacob and Jennifer Morrow to provide male student-athletes with a program that emphasizes academic excellence, athletic development, and community service. While there are other travel basketball teams in the local area for young men, the Morrows designed a program that requires every athlete to have a balance in academics/athletics and service. All funding for our programming goes directly to support its operations. Our coaches, managers, and mentors are NON-PAID, dedicated volunteers. ALL Carolina Ballers' Coaches and Staff have successfully passed criminal background investigations through AAU and/or the Boys & Girls Club of Bluffton, are NCAA certified, and have successfully completed courses in the Positive Coaching Alliance Program.

What did they see that did not exist? (1) There was no program that stressed the emphasis of balancing academics with sports for males in our area once the basketball season ends at the school level. The basketball program would also provide a positive outlet for kids to partake in. A rule of thumb for our team is "B before B" - Books before Basketball. (2) A team that consists of local players from the communities of Beaufort and Jasper counties was non-existent. We want to prepare our young people for what they will experience when they head to college and what they will encounter in the world: diversity. We want our players to understand that in order to grow, sometimes we must step outside the comfort of what we know as familiarity. We are proud to say that we now have kids from Beaufort, Jasper, Hampton, and Colleton counties in the program. (3) No travel basketball program in the area emphasizes the importance of community service for the players.

What sets the Carolina Ballers apart from other travel basketball organizations?
We are committed to teaching and training young men in the fundamentals of basketball with an emphasis on preparing them for the next level of play in high school and college. We want to prepare them for the rigors and challenges of competitive basketball and the complexities of life. Every player will be provided the necessities to play at the collegiate level by having the support of teammates, coaches, and parents that will hold them to high standards. We play as a team. We succeed as a team. We fail as a team. We, hold each other accountable as a team. We give back to our communities through volunteerism as a team. Players, parents, and coaches fully understand that the team's success is dependent upon the effort everyone puts into the organization. Players/Parents are required to sign a contract at the beginning of the season upholding these principles. This is a partnership.

Why is our team so small? By keeping the size of the teams small, the coaches and mentors are able to provide individualized attention on skill sets to develop every athlete. A deep bench does not always constitute a well rounded team. Keeping the team small in numbers, ensures that the coaches/mentors get to know the players and their family members. Often times on large teams, many players get lost in the shuffle. Smaller numbers means, NO player will be left behind on our team. We will carry/support each other along the way. Although small in numbers, our team makes a huge impact weekly at the Boys and Girls Club of Bluffton by working with young members to teach them about teamwork, leadership, physical fitness, and basketball. Our players are also required to perform some form of community service during the season.

What is our motto? "Winning in the game of life and on the court." We want our players to succeed in every aspect of life by preparing them to become future leaders locally and globally. Our athletes are able to confidently say this motto because they have teammates, parents and coaches that are committed to their success in every aspect of life.  

Will we add more teams in the future? We have decided to add an sixth grade team in 2015. (This brings the total teams in the organization to three.) We are committed to establishing a solid program that can produce results and track the progress of all players. We don't want these results to be hindered by growing too fast, too soon. We will grow, however, we will grow in a way that will make a positive impact on every child that is a part of the program. Keep following us to stay informed about future growth.