Breakfast Club

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Please provide a nutritious meal consisting of a protein, fruit and a water.  

Items must be grab-and-go and you will need to provide all paper products and utensils.  

You can add juice, chocolate milk, a mid morning snack (bar) or donuts-but not as a subsitute for meal.

Meal Examples include:

  • Rudy's or Nico's breakfast burritos
  • Einstein Bros (Order Online Here) Breakfast bagel sandwiches with eggs, cheese, bacon
  • Pancake/Waffle sandwich with eggs, bacon/ham
  • Panera (Order Online Here) or Subway Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Homemade croissant sandwich or Jimmy Dean croissant sandwich


Arrive no later than 7:15am for set up.  
Please don't be late!  The boys have a very SMALL window of time to grab their food and drive to school.  If you are late they don't get to eat :(

We are serving at the end of the service road near the Maintenance Garage (see map).  Enter using the service road next to the ticket booth at the far right corner of the parking lot.  There is a place to park next to bleachers.  You can bring your own table, serve out of the back of your SUV/Mini Van, or serve on the bleachers.  When finished, please clean up the area thoroughly and dispose of all garbage.

If you end up with any extra meals you can offer them to the lifeguard or security guards if you happen to see them- a little bit of kindness can go a LONG way! :) 




NOTE:  Counts will be confirmed prior to your assignment

 Varsity, JV, NOVICE Practice 

31 meals total (27 players + 4 coaches) => 29 meals with meat, 2 vegetarian

Varsity and JV Only Practice

Approximately 24 meals total (20 players + 4 coaches)=> 22 meals with meat, 2 vegetarian (total will depend on # of taxi players attending practice)

Varsity and Novice Only Practice  

Approximately 18 meals total meals total (14 players + 4 coaches) => 17 meals with meat, 1 vegetarian

(total will depend on # of taxi players attending practice)

JV and Novice Only Practice 

Approximately 24 meals total meals (20 players + 4 coaches) => 22 meals with meat, 2 vegetarian meals

Varsity Only Practice

 17 meals total (13 players + 4 Coaches) => no vegetarian meals