Softball Guidelines

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Softball Guidelines

Starting in the spring of 2014, Delran Softball will begin to use Coaching policies and guidelines. As our program continues to grow and become stronger, our #1 goal is to provide the girls with a fun environment as we educate them throughout their softball experience with Delran. Please remember.....We are not professionals, but only volunteers with a passion for the game of softball.


                                                                   Delran A.A. Girls Softball Policies and Procedures


A. Coaches

     1. Any coach who is involved in any form of altercation at any Delran A.A. sanctioned event, including threats and/or intimidating of any person

         will automatically receive a lifetime ban.

     2. All fields shall be dragged and lined before all home games. ( For In-Town leagues, the designated home team shall be responsible.)

     3. Home and Away dugouts shall be cleaned out at the completion of each game.

     4. Background checks are required for all Head Coaches and atleast one Assistant Coach per team before the start of any season.

     5. Practice will run no longer than 2 hours in length.

     6. Practice/Games will be capped at 3 days per week with an optional fourth day added for a batting cage session.


B. Age Division Guidelines

     1. U6 Division

          > Learn basic throwing motion.

          > Learn proper stance in batters box.

          > Learn to catch with two hands.

          > Introduction of running the bases.

     2. U8 Division

          > Learn throwing motion with strength.

          > Catching fly balls with two hands

          > Hitting off of Coach Pitch with proper stance, grip and swing.

          > Introduction to sliding.

          > Pick out girls who show interest in Pitching/Catching and start working with them on said skills.

          > Start to educate coaches to be able to move up to older age divisions.

     3. U10 Division

         > Introduction to Bunting.

         > Advanced base running.

         > Introduction to signs from Base Coaches.

         > Catching long fly balls.

         > Proper Outfield fielding technique.

         > Backing up plays.

         > Start to teach mental aspect of the game.

         > Pitchers should throw at every practice.

         > Infield/Outfield catching technique should be taught at every practice.

         > Introduction to stealing.

         > Introduction to delayed base running.

     4. U12 Division

          > Going over all things learned at the U10 level.

          > Stealing.

          > Bunting and Situational Hitting

          > Covering a bunt.

          > Catcher development.

          > Cover all areas of fielding.

          > Hone proper hitting techniques.

     5. U14/U15 Division

          > Hone all skills learned at previous age levels.

          >Have Pitchers/Catchers seek out extra help from private instructors.

          > communicate with Middle School/High School Coaches to see what their needs are as far as what we need to work with players on.