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Important information about upcoming season

Baseball Philosophy:

The Philosophy of the program is get on base and wreak havoc. I don't care how you get on base:

Key is to get on base and then steal as many bases as you can. On defense you throw strikes and get the easy out. One of our main points that we focus on at practice is conditioning. I feel that conditioning is a key to continued success throughout the long season. We will condition on a daily basis: After games and practice

Coach Higgins



In order to play on a team you have to pas 5 classes the semester before and be on track to graduate. The player also has to be enrolled in 5 classes in the current semester. The school doesn't require sports programs to run progress reports, but as a coaching staff we will be running process reports periodically throughout the season. Failure to be passing any class will result in extra conditioning for each class the student is falling.


There will be practice and games during Spring Break March 25th- April 1st and players will be expected to be there!



Equipment all players are going to need for the Baseball season are: Cleats, Baseball Glove, Practice Shirt, Pants and Team Hat.

(boys can purchase practice shirt, hats, and a sweatshirt through the program)

Cleats can and are recommended to be metal, the need to be Black or Dark Green, Predominantly White is prohibited. 

Bats can be metal and have to be -3 and bbcor stamped. Wood bats are good for hitting cages and practice But metal bats are recommended for games.

Pants need to be White and Grey ones with no pipping down the side. (if you need more information on these contact Coach's)