Travel Team Guidelines

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Travel Program Guidelines

The FPYSA offers Children the opportunity to participate in a competitive travel soccer program, which teaches players all aspects of the game of soccer.

Emphasis is on the development of both individual and team skills with the goal of helping boys and girls to develop to their fullest athletic potential.

Travel soccer participants play at varied levels of competition based on player ages and team ability.

FPYSA Travel Soccer teams are open to all players who want to try out.

FPYSA Travel Players are carded for both the Fall and Spring seasons and are expected to play both seasons.
Travel team players are not precluded from participating in other activities (i.e., baseball and softball teams, etc.) but are expected to attend their travel team soccer practices as well as games or work out reasonable compromises with their coaches.

All FPYSA teams are formed anew each year. Annual tryouts are conducted to identify the strongest available players in each age group. These tryouts may result in changes to a team's roster and this is considered part of normal team development.

The FPYSA will try to form single birth year teams (per NJSYSA divisional age group guidelines).

Any prospective player wishing to try out for an older age team must receive approval from the Board prior to tryouts unless he or she was grandfathered from and has remained with the old birth year age grouping, or is trying out for the next older team to play with the team of his/her school grade.

No prospective player may try out for a younger team.

Notice of tryout date(s) and times will be published by the Board. No changes will be made to the published schedule without Board approval and public notice.

The Club will try to maximize the number of Florham Park youth offered the benefits of travel soccer.

Tryouts for divisional age groupings will be scheduled at the same time and all coaches within the division will meet and agree the feasibility of secondary teams (for both single birth and divisional age groupings.)

The FPYSA reserves the right to employ professional soccer trainers to conduct the tryout. Also included in the tryout can be the Director of Travel Soccer, FPYSA Soccer Board members, and Travel Soccer Coaches from within the club.

The Travel Soccer Director, Soccer Trainers, and Head Coach will select the team.

The number of travel soccer teams at each age group will be determined by the soccer board in accordance with MCYSA guidelines for the number of teams allowed per field.

Any player who gets cut from a FPYSA travel soccer team tryout will be refunded their entire soccer registration fee. If the player decides to play in the intramural program, they will then be refunded the cost difference between the travel and intramural fees.

Any player who makes an FPYSA travel team and then decides they do not want to play for that team will not be refunded any part of their travel soccer registration fee.

Tryouts will take place in May· Each FPYSA teams reserves the right to use a professional trainer and coach for the fall and spring soccer season(s). The expenses for the professional trainer and coach will be equally divided among the parents and team manager.

No notification of tryout results (team rosters) will be made prior to:
* Board notification as to the feasibility of secondary teams.
* The end of the current season (last scheduled game for all FPYSA teams).
All travel team discipline and rosters will be decided by the trainer(s), team coach, travel director, and FPYSA Board.

A. Time Commitment:
1. Practice: Teams will practice 2 - 3 times per week for approximately 1.5 hours per session. Practices for the fall begin sometime in August and continue until mid-November. A similar practice schedule commences in early March and continues until mid-June for the spring season. The amount of practice time is at the discretion of the individual travel team coach.

2. League Games: All FPYSA teams play in the MCYSA fall and spring travel leagues. The fall and spring seasons usually consist of 10 games each. Fall season games begin the first weekend after Labor Day and end by late November while Spring season begins in March and ends by mid-June. Teams above the U-14 age group play an eight game spring season.

3. Tournament Schedule: Travel teams U-14 and younger, are expected to participate in at least three tournaments over the course of a full year. The most popular tournaments occur on Labor Day, Columbus Day, and Memorial Day weekends.