Cheer requirements for Participants:

* Girls must be between the ages of 5 years & 14 by July 31st.

* Must submit a copy of a recent utility bill for us to keep in our records.

* All Participants must maintain a minimum of a "C" average to participate in the Chapter.

* All first Participants will be required to show proof of age with a Original Birth Certificate with the county seal.

* No Participants shall be registered or certified or enter into any physical type activity if he/she has not received a medical physical.

* All Participants must have a Players Contract turned in to the football/cheer coordinator by August 1st with the medical physical portion completed at the bottom of the form. No player or cheerleader will be allowed to practice until a medical physical form is submitted!

* A player and cheerleader must turn in a 1x1 photo by Certification. Or be photographed by a chargers staff member at participants cost.

* Each Participant must sign and follow all the chapter rules and regulations.

Cheer Registration is $250.00
*Minimum deposit $100.00 required at time of sign-up.
Questions about cheer please  e-mail