About us

JC Hawks Sports Network was created in February 2017.   Its purpose is to create another medium to promote Women's Tackle Football.  


JC Hawks Sports Network has three websites that we are building upon.

  • Interview, Topics & Information site jchawks.com
  • 2018 Audio Game Broadcast site TBD  **1000 Mikes is no longer available, which was the original platform in the past.
  • This site radio.jchawks.com, which will have both show platforms that can be listened to from this site or use the drop down menu on the "pages tab to go directly to that site.  Information relating to upcoming show broadcasts, events and information pertaining to the league will be found here as well.


I am no stranger to women's tackle football.  I am just getting back into the game!!


JC Hawks (aka bj coletta)

Former Talk Show Host "WFB Talk" 2007-2012


JC Hawks Profile Picture Special Teams 39


Questions or comments?

Email:  jc@jchawks.com

Phone or Text:  916-238-5010 (24 hour message)