Umpire Schedule and Info

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Spring Creek Barbeque

Umpire Training Session

Tuesday March 10
7:00 PM
Florence Recreation Center
2501 Whitson Way

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Adobe Acrobat Reader required to view Umpire Schedule.   There is a link on the Welcome Page where you can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you don't already have it.

Click here for MBI Umpire Code of Ethics

The use of ANY tobacco product is strictly prohibited on all MBI fields.  This applies to umpires, coaches and players.
UMPIRES:  Per MBI Rules, the game's OFFICIAL start time shall commence when the home team's starting pitcher makes his first warm-up pitch from the game mound.  As the first warm-up pitch is thrown, the home plate umpire shall start his stop watch.

In T-Ball & Coach-Pitch, the game's official start time shall be when the home team takes the field for the 1st half of the 1st inning.

Always inform offical scorekeeper and both managers when the game clock starts.

MBI Rule Book - Updated for 2020


MBI Umpire Training Booklet (Fairly large Document - 6.5 MB)

MBI Game Procedures

In order to maximize playing time, and decrease "down time" during games, the following game procedures will apply to all MBI league games:

1.  There will be NO pre-game warmups permitted on the infield area.  All warmups will take place in the outfield area.  This will eliminate the possibility that one team might get more infield warmup time than the other.  Once the umpires have arrived they will conduct the pre-game managers meeting at home plate, then they will instruct the home team to take the field.  For 9U and above, the home team pitcher may then take the mound and begin his/her warmup pitches.  The first warmup pitch is the official game start time.  The visiting team should have their first batter ready to enter the batter's box immediately upon completion of the pitcher's warmup pitches..  In T-Ball and Coach-Pitch games, the umpire will announce the start of the game.

2.  New pitchers (starting pitchers and relievers) will be allowed 8 warmup pitches from the mound upon entering the game.  Between innings, a pitchers who pitched the previous inning will be allowed 5 warmup pitches from the mound. 

3.  When games are running late, teams playing next should be prepared to start ASAP after the prior game ends.  (Keep in mind that the umpires do get a short break between games to change gear)

4.  On MISD school nights, no late game (last game of the night on a given field) shall begin play if the game which precedes it ends AFTER 8:45 PM.  In this case, the late game would be postponed and rescheduled.  This policy is in place to ensure that the last game of the night on a given field does not extend beyond a reasonable hour. 
(This item does not apply to the 15U-18U leagues).

5.  After each game, teams and fans should clean up after themselves, both in the dugout, and the spectator areas.

Click this link to jump to Official Major League Baseball Rules:
Link to MLB Rules

MBI Umpires are reminded that they should always be on the field, fully ready to go 10 minutes prior to the game's schedule start time. This is to ensure that the pre-game meeting can be completed so that the game will begin ON TIME.
MBI Umpire Dress Code


The umpire shall wear a black, navy blue or light blue standard umpire shirt. All MBI umpires must have, at a minimum, a black umpire shirt  This shirt shall be tucked into the umpire’s pants.  Each umpire shall wear a uniform number on the right sleeve of the shirt.  Number color as follows:
Black Shirt:  4" White Numbers
Dark Blue Shirt:  4" Red Numbers
Light Blue Shirt:  4" Navy Numbers
Umpires shirt color should always match that of their on-field partner(s).

The umpire shall wear gray umpire slacks.  No shorts or denim permitted at any age level.
Blue or Black Belt shall be worn.

The hat shall be a standard umpire hat (MBI), worn with the bill of the hat to the front. BBI hats will not be permitted to be worn while calling MBI games.

Black shoes
Black socks
No White Tennis Shoes

No tobacco use of any kind on the field.
No visible piercings allowed
Necklaces must be tucked inside shirt

At levels where protective equipment is to be worn; all equipment shall be worn under the umpire’s shirt or pants as appropriate. The umpire calling balls and strikes behind the plate in Mustang level games or above shall wear all protective gear (mask, chest protector, shin guards and personal protective equipment) necessary to protect themselves.

All umpires must have a Ball/Strike Counter and a Stop Watch, to track the length of the game.

Background Check Form

Per City of Mesquite Parks &  Rec Dept, ALL Umpire Applicants (regardless of age) must submit a completed background check form, plus $5 cash to MBI.