Game Rules and Policies


The following are effective as of May 2018 .


All games will start promptly at its scheduled time.

***Each game will consist of two 22 minute periods non stop run time. 4 on 4. 

*** Goal limit per player per game is 3 ***  Again trying to promote team work and fun for everyone ***

*** All games will start  promptly at its scheduled time.  A 2 min delay of game penalty will be given to any team not ready to start on time. ***

*** Off sides will be called again this season.  We will be using the Blue Line as the OFF SIDE "  *** This will be explained at the beginning of each game.

Face offs only occur at the start of each period, after a goal . 

All games will be played regardless of the number of players present, however if you have less then 4 players your team forfeits their game and a score of 5-0 to the other team is awarded. ( Your goalie does not count as a Player)

SUB RULE:  If a team is awarded a sub, the sub is not allowed to score and it would be to bring # of players at game time to 6 players.   All players must play a min of 6 games in the season to play in the playoff game. 


Every season consists of 14 games.  13 regular season games and the 14th game being our final playoff game.  The last game will be based on the final standing after game 13.  Please note that standings will be calculated based on Wins, Losses, Ties, Goals for, Goals against.  

The final game of the season will be a play-off game and there will be no substitutions allowed. In the event of a tie in the play off game a 5 minute 3 on 3 will be played.  If the game is still tied after 5 minutes, then a shoot out will take place starting with 5 shooters per team.  This will continue until a goal is scored.

****   Standard penalties :  elbow, tripping, slashing, interference , boarding, will result in a 2 min penalty 

High sticking : if you high stick and make contact with a player it will be a 2 min Penalty.  If you high stick and no contact is made, whistle is blown and offending team looses possession of the ball, the other team gets the balls.  Once the whistle is blown, team must pass the ball into play again.  

Head contact : any head contact will result in a 4 min Penalty.  

Any player receiving 3 penalties in one game will be kick out for the remainder of the game.  

Fighting of any kind will not be tolerated. Anyone caught fighting will be thrown out of that game and sit out the following game.  Your team will serve a 4 min penalty at the time of infraction. 

**** During a penalty the defensive team ( team that has the penalty) can only change players on the fly and not during a whistle call. However the offensive team can change on a whistle call or on the fly. 

**** Swearing at the referee will not be tolerated and a 2 or 4 minute penalty will be called. A player from that team will serve the penalty and the offending player will be asked to leave for the reminder of the game.  

A “mercy rule” will be in place with regards to scoring. When the score differential reaches 7, additional goals of the winning team will not be counted towards the final score or player statistics.

Teams are awarded 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tied game. No points are awarded for a loss.

Player and team statistics will be recorded and posted on the league website.


This is a non-competitive recreational league and it is expected that all players will conduct themselves both on and off the rink in the spirit of fun, fitness and friendship.

Please respect the calls made by the referee, we may not agree or like them, but that is part of playing a sport.

If anyone has a problem during or after a game, we would  like you take the 24 hour cooling of period  approach before discussing the problem.  The executive would be more than willing to discuss your concerns.  Please send an email to with your problem or concerns.

All players should be dressed and prepared to play 10 minutes before game time. A delay of game Penalty will be given to any team that is late and game does not start on time.

If you are unable to play a game, please notify your team rep .