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The Mount Olive Baseball Softball Association (MOBSA) is an affiliated member of Cal Ripken Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball, and Babe Ruth Softball; all divisions of Babe Ruth League Inc., as well as American Legion Baseball. 

 We are a volunteer organization instructing 900+ children in Mount Olive Township, NJ. The mission of MOBSA shall be to provide a supervised program, under league rules and policies, stressing sportsmanship and the development of baseball and softball knowledge and skills.  For more information see by-laws located on League Documents Menu

The Association is divided into baseball and softball leagues and is managed by a seventeen member Board of Directors. Board Members contact information can be found on Board Members menu.

Recreation Baseball & Softball Leagues

Teams are established for play within the Township of Mount Olive based on the number of players registered for play within a specific League Age Bracket. Whoever signs up is assigned to a team regardless of skill or experience, and is guaranteed playing time.

The Recreation Program operates spring, summer and fall seasons each year.

Baseball Age Eligibility
Players must be at least 4 years old, and not older than 18, by April 30th of the year they wish to play.

Divisions are formed by age and play according to rules designated by Babe Ruth Inc. The divisions are often sub-divided based on the number of players enrolled and skill level. Typical divisions are:

Farms: Ages 4 - 6
Rookie: Age 7
Minors: Ages 8 & 9
Majors: Ages 10 - 12
Babe Ruth: Ages 13 - 18

Softball Age Eligibility
Players must be at least 4 years old and not older than 14, by January 1st of the year they wish to play. Typical softball divisions are:

Farms: Ages 4-6 
Rookies: Ages 7 & 8 
Minors: Ages 9, & 10
Majors: Ages 11 & 14

Travel Baseball Program

The purpose of the Travel Program is to provide a more competitive environment to further develop the baseball knowledge and skills of the more highly skilled players, further develop their sportsmanship by teaching them to play in a environment where a cohesive, balanced team is more important than the individual, and to represent Mount Olive with dignity in competitive play with teams from other towns/leagues.

Travel teams play spring/summer and fall seasons. Teams are formed on the basis of open tryouts prior to each season. Candidate players may also participate on a team in the Recreation Program spring season.

Travel teams are formed for every age level starting:

- 8 and under 
-18 and under

The teams typically participate in the USABL League during the spring and fall seasons and various local tournaments in the summer. They compete in the Cal Ripken national tournament each June. The 12U team makes an annual pilgrimage to the Cooperstown Dreams Park to play against teams from across the nation.

Travel Softball Program

The girls' softball division of Mount Olive Junior Baseball and Softball Association sponsors girls' traveling softball teams. Our traveling program is increasingly successful, and is rapidly growing.
The philosophy of the traveling program is to field competitive teams. The level of play is higher and more competitive than the play in the township recreational program.

Our teams play in anywhere between 4 and 10 tournaments. Practices are held year round - less often in the winter, more often in the spring, summer and fall. The tournaments typically begin in May and end at the end of July.

If you are interested in trying to qualify for one of the teams, we suggest you get involved now. Player evaluations and team selections will be made in late March or early April. Since our goal is to field the most competitive teams possible, the winter practices are very helpful for the girls, as they are great at improving basic skills. Note that you must also play in the township recreational softball program in order to be eligible to play in the traveling program.

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