March 1, 2018

At what age can my child participate?

Boys and girls can begin the program if they have reached their 5th
birthday by August 1st

Can I volunteer for AAU?

YES! YES! YES!! We encourage you to volunteer with the program in anyway
that you can.

Can my daughter play football?

Yes. We encourage female athletes, she has all the equal rights as a young male athlete participating in football.

What are you weight/age limits for team?

We are an unlimited weight organization however safety is our number one concern.
We divide teams based on age criteria.Teams/Divisions: 5/6yrs,7/8yrs,9/10yrs,11/12yrs,13/14yrs 

My child is not playing in the position that they or I want...

As we go through practice, every child is evaluated for skill and experience level. The coaches will place your child where they think he is best suited to play -- for his own safety and for the safety of those playing on his team. If you would like to speak to the head coach, please arrange a meeting after practice on a weekday.

My child's grades are slipping. Should I pull him off the team?

As a parent, you must do what you think is best for your child. However, make the head coach aware of the situation and give him/her the opportunity to speak with your child regarding grades. Education comes first and we will not let our program prevent your child from striving for their best performance in school.

Are there any refunds if my child decides not to play anymore?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds. Please make sure your child is ready to play 100% when registering. This is a fully contact sport, you know your child's limits. 

Do you offer cheer?

We do not have a cheer program at this time. All coaches are volunteers. If you are interested in running a cheer squad please contact the President for more details.