2019 Port Dover Season

Congratulations Port Dover Senior Clippers - SCBA Champions 2019


Congratulations Port Dover Crepe house - 2019  Bantam House Champions

Congratulations Port Dover Barber Veri - 2019 Bantam House Finalists



Congratulations Port Dover Peewee House Champions 2019


Congratulations Port Dover Mosquito House 2019 Finalists


Congratulations Port Dover Rookie Rep  - SCBA 2019 Finalists

 Congratulations Port Dover Schooners - Rookie House Team Champions 2019



2018 Port Dover Season


Congratulations Port Dover Senior Clippers

SCBA Champions 2018



Congratulations Port Dover Bantam House Team.

2018 End of Season Tournament Champions

Well done team and coaches


Award Ceremony 2018

Fred Bridgwater Award - Kyle McColman


Fred Bridgwater nominees:

Rookie Axmen        Josh Beddoes

Rookie Anchors       Lane Graham

Rookie Schooners   Lila Moore

Mosquito House      Andrew Fekete

Mosquito Rep         Ben Simmons

Peewee House       James Thompson

Peewee Rep          Austin Bilinsky

Bantam House      Hunter Long

Bantam Rep          Kyle McColman


Rookie Anchors

Jaagen Lloyd - Most Improved

Liam Staats  - Most Dedicated

Levi DeKlerk - Most Sporsmanlike


Rookie Axmen

Hanna Tweedie - Most Improved

Lucas Gobiel - Most Dedicated

Addy Simmons - Most Sportsmanlike



Rookie Schooners

Shea Legault - Most Improved

Ryder Kowtaluk - Most Dedicated

Bowen Grimes - Most Sportsmanlike


Mosquito House

Jaxon Lavigne - Most Improved

Rusty Gergiov - Most Dedicated

Reed Poortinga - Most Sportsmanlike



Mosquito Rep

JD Zurby - Most Improved

Ethan Kett - Most Dedicated

Noah Long - Most Sportsmanlike


Peewee House

Ethan Jolley - Most Improved

Finn Georgiev - Most Dedicated

Josiah Fekete - Most Sportsmanlike

Peewee Rep

Colby Holliday - Most Improved

Austin Topp - Most Dedicated

James Kicak - Most Sportsmanlike


Bantam House 

Ethan Fess - Most Improved

Haidyn Perry - Most Improved

Byron Hoyle - Most Dedicated

Derek Dawson - Most Sporstmanlike


Bantam Rep

Riley Burman - Most Improved

Dylan Vary - Most Dedicated

Dawson McKeen - Most Sportsmanlike


Cliff Shank Coach of the Year Award 2018

Head Coach Christopher Kett - ( Rookie Anchors )


2018 Team Pictures



 2017 Port Dover Season

 Team Pictures


Well done Schooners for a great tournament and Season.

Thank you to all the coaches and Shannon for making it all possible




Well done Axmen for a great tournament and Season.

Thank you to all the coaches for making it all possible



Well done Mosquito House for a great tournament and Season.

Thank you to all the coaches for making it all possible


Well done Mosquito Rep for a great Season.

Thank you to all the coaches for making it all possible


Well done Peewee House Champions for a great tournament win and Season.

Thank you to all the coaches for making it all possible 


Congratulation Port Dover  Bantam House 2017 Finalists



Congratulations to Port Dover Senior Rep team finalists in OBA Provincial Championship



Congratulations to Carson Zilkey on his selection for the Mosquito All Star team


Award Ceremony 2017

Fred Bridgwater Winner

Nate Veldstra


Fred Bridgwater Nominees

Ethan Finbow, Lukas Inman, Kaellum Meyer, Ethan Kett, Destiny Dewhirst and William Easton


Rookie Axmen

Ally Cable - Most Sportsmanlike

Jack Poortinga - Most Dedicated

Joshua Beddoes - Most Improved


Rookie Schooner

Summer Townsend - Most Sportmanlike

Ryder Kowtaluk - Most Dedicated

Jaxon Darbishire - Most Improved


Mosquito House

Josh Mumford - Most Sportsmanlike

Matthew Gagnon - Most Dedicated

Lucas Husted - Most Improved


Mosquito Rep

James Kicak - Most Sportsmanlike

Aiden Westphal - Most Dedicated

Austin Bilinsky - Most Improved



Peewee House

Lucas Pineo - Most Sportsmanlike

Hunter Long - Most Dedicated

Liam Clark & Jack Brown - Most Improved


Bantam House

Isaak Fisher & Christopher Stephens - Most Sportsmanlike

Cope Zafirides - Most Dedicated

Sam Brown - Most Improved


Bantam Rep

Josh Buchwald - Most Sportsmanlike

William Easton - Most Dedicated

Jake Richards - Most Improved


Congratulations Coach Trevor Darbishire

Winner of the Cliff Shank Coach of the Year Award 2017


2016 Season

Congratulations to Port Dover Bantam Rep

2016 OBA Provincial and  Intercounty Champions


Awesome acheivement winning the double


Port Dover Clippers Junior Intercounty and OBA "A" Champions 2016

Stunning achievement for the Team, Coaches and Association.

For a team that would normally classify as C to win the

OBA provincial Championship at Junior A Level is one thing

but to also win the Junior Intercounty championship beating 

out AAA,AA and A teams in the same year is astonishing

Click Here - Story Junior A OBA Provincial Championship

The Port Dover Clippers won the Ontario Baseball Provincial 'A' Championships in Sarnia/Lambton.

Front row from left, Josh Townsend, Garrett Walker, Gavin Barnard, Larry Hopper, Zach Heipel.

Middle row, Mac Mitchell, Andy Wilson, Austin Lamb, Rhett Roney. Back row, coach Beau Berg, Colton McLeod,

Owen Schweyer, Sam Wilson, John Broc Picard, Brett Pond,

Coach Duncan Macaulay, Coach Garnet Henrich.

Missing from Photo Devin Holmes

Click Here -  Story Intercounty Championship

Front row from left,  Mac Mitchell, Andy Wilson, Garrett Walker, Brett Pond, Gavin Barnard,  Larry Hopper,

Josh Slegers.

Middle row. Josh Townsend , Rhett Roney, Colton McLeod .

Back row, coach Beau Berg, Owen Schweyer, Sam Wilson, John Broc Picard, Austin Lamb,  Zach Heipel 

Coach Duncan Macaulay, Coach Garnet Henrich.

Missing from Photo Devin Holmes


WINNERS of the 2016 Year End Awards
*award winner is chosen by Fred Bridgewater based on coach submissions for each team*
*Fred Bridgewater Winner - Dylan Vary
Fisher Forsythe  - Most Improved
Madison Gobeil  - Most Sportsmanlike
Jack Poortinga - Most Dedicated
*Fred Bridgewater Nominee: - Ethan Finbow
Shea Merritt & Noah Long  - Most Improved
Ethan Kett  - Most Sportsmanlike
Ben Simmons - Most Dedicated
*Fred Bridgewater Nominee: - Lucas Thompson
Matthew Gagnon  - Most Improved
Josiah Fekete  - Most Sportsmanlike
Sophie Mummery - Most Dedicated
*Fred Bridgewater Nominee: - Jasper Brownlee
Noah Brownlee  - Most Improved
Austin Bilinsky - Most Sportsmanlike
Colby Holiday - Most Dedicated
*Fred Bridgewater Nominee: - Rhys Constable
Jeremy Wood  - Most Improved
Lauren Mummery  - Most Sportsmanlike
Aiden Meahan - Most Dedicated
*Fred Bridgewater Nominee: - Nolan Potts
Taylor Mummery & Cope Zafrides - Most Improved
Isaak Fisher  - Most Sportsmanlike
Austin Bradt  - Most Dedicated
*Fred Bridgewater Nominee: - Dylan Vary
Bantam Rep:
Joshua Buckwald  - Most Improved
Gavyn Vrbos Clarkson  - Most Sportsmanlike
No Individual Award Given (the Entire Team was acknowledged by coaches) - Most Dedicated
*Fred Bridgewater Nominee: - Ben Mason
Derek Whitney  - Most Improved
Joey Azzopardi  - Most Sportsmanlike
Spencer French - Most Dedicated
*Fred Bridgewater Nominee:  Matthew Townsend


2015 Season


Bantam House Champions 2015



Rookie Schooner Champions 2015

2014 Season


 Congratulation Port Dover Mosquito House Champions 2014,  winning the Simcoe 2014 Tournament

Players:   Aiden Meahan, Austin Bradt , Connor Thompson, Cope Zafrides,
Destiny Dewhirst, Jeremy Wood Joseph Wood, Joseph Fuchs, Kieran Stark, 
Landen Deschamps, Kyle Patric Zach Price, Oliver Godelie  

Coaches:  Rob Hancock. Pat Meahan and Kevin Bradt





Port Dover Rookie Select in Woodstock Tournament 2014

Hello sailors. I just wanted to start by saying great job today yesterday and Friday in Woodstock. You all did great and I am proud of you all. There were some very good teams at this tournament and you kids showed you don't have to be from an A or B centre to be competitive. 


We were no pushovers and you all represented our D centre Port Dover proud. 


We played 22 innings over the last 3 days; got 119 at bats and hit safely 71 times for a team batting average of. 597. 


We scored 24 runs and came so close to winning our 3rd game (6-5) against Kitchener (Kitchener has a population of 206,000 and Port Dover  only 5,500). I loved hearing all the different cheers and chants from the bench and our team lunch was awesome. You kids definitely represented Port Dover proud,so thank you players. I am looking forward to the season and I feel; actually I know there is a win in our future. 


It's an honour to call myself your Sailors Rookie Select Coach. See you on the field!


*PS - We finished 1st in the "Guess your Speed" event & 2nd in the "Around the Horn" event. Great job!


A big thanks to Melissa Mummery for the Sponsorship and the new shirts


Bob Thompson





Grace Mummery, Braden Moore, Lucas Phibbs, Andre Moffatt, Sophie Mummery (AP)


Ava Zurby,Cody Hunter, Carson Zilkey, James Thompson, Kalan McRae, Colby Holliday


William Easton (Tournament Bench Boss), Heather Easton (Asst. Coach), Bob Thompson (Head Coach), Dave McRae (Asst. Coach), Dave Zilkey (Asst. Coach)

2013 Season


Midget Rep Intercounty Champions 2013

Port Dover Midget Sailors 

Sponsored by "Carstar Simcoe" 
win the Inter County Championship beating 
Guelph 9 - 5  in the Final. 
Way to go Sailors
Port Dover Midget Sailors  sponsored by "Carstar Simcoe" 
win the Inter County League Pennant being the leading side
in the League with a Record of 22 Wins and 6 Losses


Peewee House Champions 2013

Port Dover Peewee House team sponsored by "Mike No Frills" 

win the 2013 end of season Simcoe House League Tournament 

Unbeaten in the season and also in the tournament - Well done team

The white pants of the Port Dover Sailors didn't stay clean for too long on Sunday.


With the amount of times the Port Dover Mike's No Frills peewee Sailors slid into home plate one could tell the team was well on their way to winning.


At one point the home plate saw so much action within a span of a minute that the game was stopped after it popped out of the ground.


The Sailors' dominance this season was rewarded Sunday after they captured the Simcoe Minor Baseball Association peewee house league championship by defeating Norfolk Mutual Insurance 12-6 in the finals.

Port Dover went undefeated this season before heading into the peewee tournament that began Friday at the Lions Park.


The tournament featured four teams - Port Dover, Delhi, Superior Essex and Norfolk Mutual - battling it out with Norfolk Mutual Insurance and Port Dover squaring off in the finals.


The about 60 people on hand to watch the finals did not leave the park disappointed after watching a fast-paced and competitive game. Stephanie Scott, co-coach of the Port Dover Sailors alongside Ron Skinner, said the secret to the Sailors' undefeated streak was simple reverse psychology.


"I just kept telling them to lose," joked Scott. "Early on they started winning and I just kept saying that they will lose one day. Their heads were getting big so we had to bring them back down. It's all about playing solid baseball and having fun."


Scott said some of the team's success has to do with the female presence on the roster. With six girls playing this season, Scott said the gals keep the boys in check.


"The girls push the boys," she said. "They would do so good that the boys would gloat. The girls really do keep things balanced. Last year we had five girls on the team and they did well. They're all a good bunch of kids. It's these guys that go out and play hard that make it all worth it."


Cory Moulton, president of Simcoe Minor Baseball Association, said Sunday's game was a great game played between to competitive teams.


"At the end someone has to lose. But don't lose sight that they all played hard," he said. "We hope they will all come out to play next year. Always keep playing baseball."



Canada Day Float 2013 Rookie Axmen



Mosquito Rep OPG SCBA Champions 2013


Port Dover Mosquito Rep OPG

Back Row:  Derek Earle (coach), Darrell Mason (coach), Kevin Bradt (coach, Scott Cunningham (head coach)
Middle row:  Sophie Monture, Taylor Mummery, Jaxson Zurby, Dylan Varey, Caelan Cunningham, Will Easton.
Front row; Austin Bradt, Ben Mason, Jacob Foster, Ty Earle, and Jake Richards
Front and centre: JJ cowan

JJ cowan pitched 11 strike outs in the last game against Tillsonburg.

Tilsonburg has been the leading team of the league with no team able to beat them until now
PORT DOVER - Backed by excellent pitching from starter J.J. Cowan, the Port Dover Sailors defeated the Tillsonburg Otters 13-3 to capture the first mosquito baseball tournament held in their hometown.

Cowan struck out numerous batters on Sunday afternoon while his teammates racked up hits and runs. They carried a 9-0 lead halfway through the game.

Tillsonburg battled back late in the game, but a three-run homerun by Ben Mason in the bottom of the sixth inning forced the umpire to invoke the mercy rule, and the tournament was over.

“I don’t know, something just hit me,” Cowan, who was named as the game’s MVP, said afterwards. “A miracle happened. I don’t usually pitch this well.”

Port Dover coach Scott Cunningham credited his whole squad for beating Tillsonburg, a team that until this game had gone undefeated all season when playing centres of the same size.

“We had great starting pitching. The relief pitching was excellent as well. They were batting well, fielding well. It all came together this game,” he said.

Cunningham called the win “a special day for Port Dover minor baseball.”

Port Dover also got an excellent weekend of ball out of Sophie Monture, who plays third base. Monture was named game MVP twice and field and hit consistently in the Number 2 spot in the batting order.

Tillsonburg coach Dan Castellani was gracious in defeat. “Their starting pitcher was just amazing,” Castellani said. “Normally, we’re always up on Dover They brought their ‘A’ game in the end.”

He said the Sailors are a “class team” and the tournament was “well run.”

The Sailors didn’t have an easy route to Sunday’s final. During round robin play, they tied Simcoe, lost to Tillsonburg, and defeated Delhi.

They then had to beat Simcoe in the semifinal game early Sunday to get another crack at the Otters, who had won all their games until that point.

The three-day tourney attracted four teams. It was the first time Port Dover has hosted a mosquito tournament and afterward convener Heather Easton said the organization hopes to make it an annual event.

Almost all the games were close and exciting, and the weather was “perfect,” Easton noted.

“It’s been a beautiful weekend for a tournament . . . I’d like to see it happen again,” she said.

2012 Season


Congratulations Hayley Boyd - 2012

Winning a Silver Medal in the 2012 Bantam Girls National Championship


Peewee Rep SCBA Champions 2012

Back Row from the Left: Coach Richard Townsend, Ben Masschaele, Brian McCormack,

Coach Steve Masschaele, Mathew Fulton, Jonah Gardiner, Coach Matt Lamb

Front Row from the Left: Matthew Townsend, Spencer Kowalski, Connor Hart, Cam Cowan, Owen Lamb,

Sheldon Thompson, Chance Weaver


Major Midget Tier 2 Champions 2012

Wins against Woodstock, Brantford, Guelph 1 and Waterloo


Group Photograph :

Back Row from the left: -       Coach Bruce Awde, Coach Adam Mummery, Colton Mcleod, David Krauss, Tanner VanZon, Josh Johnson, Brady Barnard, 

                                                     Coach Dan McCaulay, Coach Beau Berg

Second Row from the left: -  Skylar Johnson, Joshua Townsend, Brett Pond, Billy Mchoul,

Front Row from the left: -       Garret Walker, Larry Hopper

Absent:                                       Canaan Awde, Ryan Hunter.


Mosquito House Champions 2012

Front row:  Ross Roloson, Reid Smith, JJ Cowan and Abby Thompson
Second row:  Ben Mason, Dylan Vary, Ethan Ivey, Brayden Mummery, Sam Walker, Ben Williamson, Jordy Knechtel and Devon Bristol
Third row:  Nicholas Gumbley, Caelan Cunningham, Seth Dewhirst, Sean Skinner and Griffin Daulby.
Back row:  Coaches Scott Cunningham, Chris Johnson, Darryl Mason and Jim Mummery

After a great summer of baseball the Port Dover Sailors Mosquito team finished their season on a high note winning their year end tournament on the weekend.  The team won three out of their four round-robin games advancing them to the semi-finals Sunday morning where they won that game and earned a spot in the Championship game.  The team played hard and beat the Simcoe Optimists in an exciting game Sunday afternoon winning the Championship with a final score of 10-8.  After their win, the team was driven around Port Dover on the antique fire truck and then treated to a celebratory dinner at the Beach House.  A special thanks to Chris and Jim Lombardo for the ride on the fire truck and to Peter Knechtel for a fabulous dinner for the team and their families.  The team would also like to send a huge thank you out to their coaches who have given their time and positive encouragement to make this a great season of baseball for the team.  Well done Mosquito Sailors!

2011 Season


Bantam Rep OBA "C" Provincial Champions 2011

Back Row Left: Dwight Mcleod (Head Coach), Logan Stanley, Greg Acuna, RIchard Townsend (Coach),

Tanner Vanzon, Colton Mcleod, Gavin Barnard, Joshua Townsend, Dawson Heron, Chris Dadds (Manager),

Jeff Tschirhart (Coach).

Front Row Left: Garrett Walker, Larry Hopper, Nolan Erwin, Austin Lamb, Matthew Townsend (Bat Boy).

Brent Tschirhart, Blake Pow, Matt Lamb (Coach)



Click here for the 2011 OBA Story Wallaceburg





Bantam Rep Brantford 2011 Tournament Champions

Click here for the story of the Brantford Tournament weekend 2011

From the left back row:


Head Coach Dwight Mcleod, Gavin Barnard, Colton Mcleod, Tanner VanZon, Coach Richard Townsend, 

Greg Acuna, Manager Chris Dadds, Josh Townsend, Dawson Heron, Coach Jeff Tschirhart, Coach Matt Lamb


From the left front row:


Logan Stanley, Garret Walker, Austin Lamb, Nolan Erwin, Brent Tschirhart  


Peewee Rep Port Dover Tournament 2011

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