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Parent's Corner

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How can parents contribute to make the season a success?

Championship football and cheer are fast and exciting sports. There may be no more rewarding experience for a parent than watching your son or daughter become a key component in a high caliber team. We practice hard for these moments.

What most people are not aware of is the importance of preparation and practice. We have limited time to implement plays, schemes and teach fundamentals.

1) Tackle Football Weight Requirements - Parents should be familiar with the Pop Warner rules as it applies to minimum and maximum weight requirements for each team.  All football players must meet the weight requirements set by Pop Warner.  For the safety of your child and the other players, there are no exceptions to these weight requirements.  Although the players will be weighed at the beginning of the season and before each and every game, parents should be aware of their child's weight status to ensure they meet these requirements.  A child's age on July 31 is his age for the season.

2) Be punctual and prepared for practice. Make sure your participant is fully dressed and ready by start time. Bring plenty of water for breaks and a towel or cold wash cloth.
3) Make sure your participant is hydrated properly and has not eaten for at least 1 hour prior to practice. Hydration is key to performance and focus
4) Pay attention to what the coaches are teaching. Every practice will be planned by the head coach, they have extremely limited time to teach everything that has to be taught. You can help by reinforcing lessons at home. Help your son fire out of that 3 point stance or your daughter nail her tumble. REINFORCE WHAT THE COACH IS TEACHING. 
5) Let the coaching staff coach. Parents are not allowed on the practice or game field per Pop Warner rules. Refrain from conversing with coaches during practice time. You will have time after each practice to address questions, concerns or just socialize. The coaches have a lot to do in a short period of time, please respect them and understand that they volunteer their efforts.
6) Encourage all the players. Keep all comments positive and help set a good example. Discipline, integrity, character and respect are key tenets of the Pop Warner system. These principles will be reinforced by the coaching staff. 
7) Never criticize the coaches, officials, opponents or opposing fans. Abusive language and cursing will not be tolerated. Keep in mind that this is a youth sport governed and administered by volunteers. Mistakes will be made. If you have a problem, please address your coach first, after practice away from the athletes.
8) Be responsible for family members and friends who attend games and practices.
9) Do not smoke or consume alcohol at the park, in the parking lot or at any team function.
10) VOLUNTEER! football and cheer demand much more than coaching. Volunteers are always needed for set-up/clean-up, fundraising, etc.... We use the on-line system SignUp Genius for all our "Game-Day" volunteer spots.  Please click on the logo below to access the system.  The PASSWORD was provided in our NEWSLETTER, or you can ask your TEAM PARENT for the code.
11) Report violations or poor conduct to the coaching staff or a board member.
Hydrate for performance and safety.
Parents, please make sure all participants come to practice with plenty of water. Coaches will break practice at frequent intervals to give the athletes time for cool down and drink fluids.  Other helpful items are cold wash cloths, ice gel packs and just a good dry towel help during these breaks. 
Remember, hydration starts well before practice. The Cleveland Clinic estimates that 75% of youth athletes start a sport dehydrated to a certain level. Make sure that your child is drinking water at regular intervals at least two weeks prior to the first practice and that you maintain this regiment throughout the season.  The payoff will be increased focus, better performanceand a more enjoyable experience for your child.