About SVBL

Simi Valley Baseball League (SVBL) was established in 1978 and in 2001 we made the decision to change our sanctioning organization from Little League to Babe Ruth Baseball, allowing the league to expand our registration boundaries to ALL of Simi Valley and the surrounding communities.

The Babe Ruth Organization breaks its Division into two groups, the Cal Ripken Divisions features T-ball (ages 4-6), Coach Pitch (ages 6-7), Rookie (ages 6-8), Farm (ages 7-9), Minors (ages 9-12), Majors (ages 10-12), and the Babe Ruth Divisions features the Senior Division (13-15) & HS Prep (13-15)  and the Pro Division (ages 16-18). Our Major Division features lead offs and dropped 3rd strike, a Minor Division featuring lead offs and a modified balk rule and Farm divisions that  features kid pitch with no lead offs (or balks) for greater focus on fundamentals, and T-ball/Coach pitch divisions for the younger players just starting out. We are also the ONLY league in Eastern Ventura County to have play for 13-18 year olds on a full size field (90’ bases, 60’6” mound). This age group is split in to 3 divisions featuring an upper level, ultra competitive High School Prep division designed to best prepare those players wishing to try out for their high school teams as they reach the 9th or 10th grades.

Thanks to our expanded playing capabilities, we are the only league in Eastern Ventura County where your future MLB’r can play from T-ball to High School Prep all at one facility. And as a result of increased registration numbers in all divisions, SVBL boast some of the nicest playing surfaces around. Your child doesn’t have to worry about coming home with rug burns from playing on plastic grass, and we never charge for parking. SVBL encourages good FUN-da-MENTAL baseball with the emphasis on player development and a love for the game in all divisions through 18 years old.


T-Ball Division
50' bases

A program recommended for 4-6 year olds to teach the fundamentals of hitting and fielding. All batters will hit the ball from a batting tee which is adjusted to a height that allows the batter to swing level. The entire teams bats through the line up each inning, whether playing defensively or not. Each player plays a minimum of two innings defensively. Adult coaches are stationed beyond the infielders in order to provide instruction to all defensive players. The primary goal is to begin to instruct young players in the fundamentals of baseball in a supportive and FUN team environment. Game times are approx. 1 hour.

Coach Pitch Division
Pitching: 30' Bases: 50', Machine Pitch

Designed primarily for 6-7 year olds. Taking it to the next level with live pitching, but controlling the pitches with a pitching machine, thus creating more action at the plate and in the field. Fear of being hit by a pitched ball is diminished. It makes the game safer and improves the playing confidence and ability of all participants. It removes the boredom - which is often the result of either overpowering or inadequate pitching - by throwing only strikes. Fewer errors and greater throwing accuracy are the result of increase in activity. The program receives high praise from coaches, players, parents, and league officials. The "Coach Pitch" league is an excellent way to continue teaching the fundamentals of the game and building player confidence.

Rookie Division
Pitching: 40' Bases: 60', Machine Pitch

Recommended for 6-8 year-olds, the Rookie Division picks up where the Coach Pitch Division left off, using a pitching machine concept, which results in more action at the plate and in the field, while avoiding the fear of being hit by a pitched ball. The Division steps up to regulation hard balls and while standing aren't kept, score is. Players continue to hone thier defensive skills on the larger Farm field, with 3 outs or 5 runs determining the end of each 1/2 inning.

Farm Division
Pitching: 43' Bases: 60', Kid Pitch, No Lead Offs

Recommended for 7-9 year olds. Among teammates of their own age and experience level, players continue building and refining their fundamental skills while they begin to understand game strategy. It is at the Farm league level that players first experience live pitching and hitting. Special base running rules allow for moderated base stealing, and teams contend for post-season tournament competition, with district, state, and regional levels of play.

Minor Division
Pitching: 46' Bases: 60', Lead Offs, Balks as Warning (instructional) and NO Dropped 3rd K

Recommended for 9-12 year old players. Cal Ripken Baseball is played under the Official Baseball Rules, but implements some special rules as necessary for the development and welfare of this young age group. The game is played on a 60-foot diamond with a pitching distance of 46 feet. In order to encourage the league to train more pitchers, there are rules that set the maximum number of innings a pitcher may pitch in a calendar week. Regulation games consist of six innings, with 5 runs max per inning. Special base running rules are also in effect.

Major Division
Pitching: 50' Bases: 70'  Lead Offs, Balks and Dropped 3rd K

For our 10-12 year olds, the premier Cal Ripken Division puts it all together with lead offs, balks & dropped third strike rule in effect. Bases at 70' and pitching at 50' The Major Division enjoys a tournament trail for from district competition through to the World Series held annually in Aberdeen, Maryland.

Senior Division
Pitching: 60'6" Bases: 90'

For the 13-16 yr old with their eyes on an eventual High School Career, but not quite ready to play in the HSP Division,  the Senior Division allows players to hone their skills on a regulation field with piers of an equal caliber. With over 4 dozen alumni players making their respective High School teams last  season, you're probaly wasting your time playing on those smaller fields at those other leagues. Your High School journey starts here!

High School Prep
Pitching: 60'6" Bases: 90'  CIF Pitching Rules

Come play in the ultra competitive Babe Ruth High School Prep Division on the ONLY regulation field in Eastern Ventura County, outside of your high school. Features full 90' bases, 60' 6" pitching and fences at 280 and 295 in the pocket. You aren't playing high school ball if your not playing at SVBL! Come on over and try to take it yard on a real field!

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