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About The Vermont Ravens


The Vermont Ravens are a full contact Semi-Pro football team based out of Barre, Vermont. We compete against teams in Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Connecticut, New York, & Rhode Island in the New England Football League.  Established in 1994 the league uses modified NCAA rules.

We play home games in two locations.  Northfield, VT on Norwich University's Sabine Field and South Burlington, VT at South Burlington High School.  

The teams roster consists of men with high school, college, and semi-pro experience. They range in age from 18 on. Players are not paid, but purchase their own equipment and insurance, and must pay a players fee for the privilege to participate with the team. This year will mark the 12th year as a football team.

The Raven's are a not-for-profit LLC company with revenue generated from company advertising, sponsorship's, souvenir sales, ticket sales, & players dues. All money earned is returned to the organization for operating expenses and upgrading the teams resources.

The Ravens organization strives to integrate our advertising partners in community activities in a way that will recognize our advertisers commitment to the community and bring visual recognition to their products and services. 

Our players are involved with local charities and youth organizations and serve where needed as citizens of the local community.

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