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2018-2019 Seasonal Year Risk Management Update

All coaches, board members, and club volunteers MUST update their Risk Management information with the West Virginia Soccer Associate EACH seasonal year.

Note: Complete your concussion course FIRST so you can upload your completion certificate during Risk Management registration. After that, click the button below:

Concussion in Sports Training Course

Per the WVSA, ALL coaches/officials must complete an online Concussion Management Course offered free by US Youth Soccer/CDC or National Federation of High Schools. The course is required every two years and consists of a series of videos and other information then a quiz. You need to register and order the course, but it is FREE.

After completing the course, SAVE your completion certificate and send it to your club President or directly to the WCSA Registrar (registrar@wcsaonline.com). The course providers do NOT save your certificate for re-print -- you would have to re-take the course to re-print or save it again!

To take the "Concussion In Sports: What You Need To Know" course (FREE) from the NFHS:

   ~ OR ~

To take the "HEADS UP to Youth Sports " course (FREE) from the CDC:

More information, including concussion Procedure & Protocol and Notification Form is available from the WV Soccer Association Concussion Information & Safety resources: CLICK HERE

New US Soccer Restrictions on Heading are Effective 1/1/2016 for WVSA.

West Virginia Soccer has adopted the US Soccer Concussion Awareness Program - Recognize to Recover restrictions on heading.

Link to the implementation guidelines: Heading Restrictions - US Soccer Player Safety Campaign.pdf

WCSA and other local leagues have extended the restrictions to U12 to simplify application and reduce compliance risks to coaches and players given that U11 and U12 players are together in our rec league. Effective August 1, 2016, no deliberate heading is allowed in U12 matches regardless of players' ages.

Summary of Restrictions:

  • U11 and younger Players: No heading in practice or games. Violation in games results in IFK.
  • U12 Games - (WCSA) No heading in games.Violation in games results in IFK.
  • U12-U13 Players: Restricted amount of heading in practice.
  • U13 and up - Heading allowed in games

Deliberate heading to prevent a goal does NOT meet the criteria of a send-off offense under Law 12, as it does not deny "an obvious goalscoring opportunity to an opponent moving towards the player’s goal."  

WCSA applies the Indirect Free Kick (IFK) for Deliberate Heading at the U12 age group and younger, per U.S. Soccer's guidelines.  Referees who work in leagues or tournaments where U11 and U12 age groups are combined should inquire with their leagues as to whether they will apply the IFK for Deliberate Heading to the U12 age level.

Matches defined as U12 and up will be called be Referees according to regulations for the age group (as if all players are of the team's age group). If heading is allowed in U12 outside of WCSA, Coaches must ensure their U11 and younger players adhere to the restrictions for applicable to the players actual age, even if playing on a U12+ team.

Goal Safety - Make sure they are properly anchored!

The number one USYSA insurance claim continues to be with un-anchored goals. (From WVSA Risk Management Policy Addendum).

Tipping-over of improperly anchored goals or people hanging, swinging, or any other misuse of soccer goals can cause serious injury or death.

It is the responsibility of field managers to ensure goals are secured and properly anchored even during the off-season. Coaches need to verify goals are properly anchored before and after every practice or match.

For more information, please refer to the WV Soccer Associate Soccer Goal Safety resources: CLICK HERE