FAQ/Rule Summary

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Wellwood Baseball Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What equipment do I need to supply for my child?

A: Wellwood Baseball will supply your child with a hat and shirt.

You'll need to supply a baseball glove and baseball pants. Baseball pants can be purchased cheaply at stores such as Modell's, Target, and KMart. Sweatpants and other types of pants are not recommended as they will quickly develop holes from sliding.

If you purchase a new glove, it is recommended that it not be too large or stiff for you child to close easily. New gloves should have glove oil applied and be broken in so that they are easy for your child to open and close.

You'll also need to supply your child with something to drink during the games. On hot days, this will mean supplying more than a single water bottle.

Baseball Cleats are encouraged in the older divisions, but not required. They will enable your child to run the bases without slipping. All cleats must be plastic. Metal cleats are not allowed in any division of Wellwood baseball. Soccer cleats will work fine if you have them already or can find them more cheaply than baseball cleats.

Catchers are required to wear a cup. If you child is interested in catching, it is recommended that you purchase one. Cups are recommended, but not required, for all other players.

Players may bring their own bats, but this is not required.

Q: When does the season start and end?

A: Practice for most divisions will start on or around 3/28 subject to field availability.  

Opening Ceremonies and Opening Day are 4/10.

The season will end on June 9th for Pewee, Lower and Upper Clinic divisions. In the Minor, Major, and Pony divisions, the playoffs are scheduled to end on or around June 17th, the last day for Baltimore County schools.  Please note that if you're planning summer travel prior to June 17th, there's a chance that your child could miss playoff games.

There will be no practices or games during Passover (4/24 – 4/28), Memorial Day (5/30), and Shavuos (6/12-13).

Q: Are there scores or standings kept?

A: In the younger divisions (Peewee, Single-A, Double-A and Triple-A) no scores or standings are kept and all umpiring is done by coaches.

In the older divisions (Minor, Major, Pony), games are umpired by professional umpires and scores and standings are recorded on the website. In addition, playoff and World Series games are held. All teams are entered in the playoffs and trophies awarded to both the Champion and Runner-up teams. In addition, an all-star game is held for each of the older divisions toward end of the season.

Q: How much playing time will my child get?

A: In the younger divisions, all players bat and play in the field. In the older divisions, all players bat, but only 10 (Minor, Majors) or 9 (Pony) players can play in the field at one time. The rules mandate that Minor and Major players that must sit out an inning in the field do not sit out another inning in that game until all other players have also sat out one inning defensively. In the Pony divsion, players may sit no more than 2 innings defensively.

Q: How do I get information about rainouts?

Our main source of communication will be an opt-in service called RainedOut.com. You can opt in by visiting the following link:

Join Wellwood Baseball text alerts on RainedOut.

When you see rain, please don't assume that the game is automatically rained out. Games in different locations may have different conditions from your local conditions, especially in the case of localized rainshowers.