Meeting Agendas

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Meeting Agenda

August 1, 2016 Booster Club

Monthly Meeting Agenda

Date:                     08-01-16 Time:                  7pm

Location:             Eugene Ashley High School – Media Center


Questions, Comments, Concerns: If you want to support & encourage, whether you are in season or out, the Booster Club and each of our team’s, please volunteer and be a part of each teams efforts (fundraising, etc.) and share FB post to influence others in our community.

Attention:  Membership Applications available. Process to purchase is available.  Any member wishing to speak during the meeting must be recognized by the President.  Please limit your discussion to 5 minutes.


  1. Secretary’s Report:  Gina – Approval or correction of last meeting minutes.

  2. Treasurer’s Report:  Toby – Approval or correction of Financials update.

  3. Old Business / Updates Reports:

  • Hospitality Committee: Director Sheromatie Ramsundar(Update; Parent Athlete Information Mtg August 7th 3:30pm in Cafeteria.)

  • Sponsorship Committee: Director’s Joe Smith & Steve Yates (Update; On Existing & Future Contracts.)

  • Hitting Facility: James Yopp  (Update)

  • Membership Committee: Gina Update (Director Kisha Dunker)

  • Program Guides: Fall – Director Carl Barbera

  1. New Business:

  • Fundraiser Ideas:

  • Funds Requests:  

  • Action requested:  Motion to approve, accept or ratify items listed on agenda as submitted;

    • Action Item #1:  Football

  • Concessions Report:               Kerry Berry (Concession Draw August 8th 6pm in Cafeteria.)

  • Sub Committee/Team Reports:

  1. Athletic Director Report:               Colby Beamer.

  1. Announcements:            

  2. Next Meeting: September 6th (5th is Labor Day) 7pm in Ashley Media Center.

  3. Adjournment & Social Time: How can I volunteer for next year?

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