1).What league do we play in ?
Returning first and second and all third through sixth graders participate in the Rochester Area Lacrosse League or RALL. The website is RALL.org and you will find game schedules, directions to away games and Summer camp opportunities on the site.
The focus of RALL is program development. There is no score kept during games and no championship. Expect to have a 7-8 game schedule with some local traveling - Pittsford, Irondequoit etc. 
Games are usually played on Saturday morning between 9 and 12. Your age group coordinator or coach will make you aware of any changes to original schedule. Games can also be played on your normal practice night or a make up on Wednesday. In season games should take presidence over practices for other sports. If your daughter is unable to make a game you are asked to notify the coach as soon as possible. Repeated absence from games without notification will result in decreased playing time in the next contest attended. Playing time will be equitable.
2). What is a Tournament ?
A tournament is an opportunity to play multiple games in one day in one location. Games are often a shorter duration or modified for field space - i.e 5/6 playing 8v8 versus a regular 12v12 game. Tournament schedules vary but you should expect to commit to the entire day.  Most tournaments have vendors selling apparel, gear and food. Tournaments can be Festival format (score is not kept) or Championship format (score is kept and winners move on).  
You should pack plenty of water, snacks and extra layers for cold days or umbrellas/sunscreen for hot ones. 
3). Where do I get gear ?
First thing to know, is that girls Lacrosse sticks are designed differently from boys so make sure you are purchasing a Women’s Lacrosse stick. Olympia and Dick’s sell basic items. For a better selection and price options, check out Laxworld.com. or Lacrosseunlimited.com. Lacrosse Unlimited has a retail store in Pittsford.
Recommended Stick : Maverik Twist for $49, Brine Allure for $40.99 or Ava Jr. for $24.99. 
Recommended Goggles : Cascade Poly Pro $24.99, STX Rookie $25.99, STX 4sight or 4sight form $80, $119.
Mouthguard : Walmart has inexpensive clear mouthguards, Olympia and Dick’s also carry “higher end” ones
4). What if I don’t want to buy all the gear ?
Canandaigua Girls Lacrosse wants to make sure all interested girls are able to participate. For first year players, eye protection - Goggles- will be provided. 
We will be holding a used equipment sale at our Kick -Off Meeting there will be used goggles, sticks and cleats for sale. 
Please contact the Youth Director, David Nieman, niemand2728@gmail.com with any questions.
5). When and where is practice?
Practice and games will be held at the Middle School - Granger St. entrance or the Rolling Hills. Practice times vary by grade level.. Coaches may not leave until all players have left so we ask that you are considerate of their time. 
On evenings when the weather is questionable, we ask that you stay close in case we have to cancel without notice. 
6). How do I stay updated?
There are many ways to stay informed of the latest CA Girls Lacrosse news. 
Check the website often!! Coaches will be using the Remind App for team specific communications also follow us on Twitter  @cagirlslax and Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1560185520918565/
Player: Be prepared for practice - stick, mouthguard, goggles, water and pinny (1-6).  Have a positive attitude, be a good listener, be encouraging to others!
Parents: Be on time. Be flexible as the spring weather wreaks havoc on our practice and game schedule. Let the coaches coach - cheering for the team is greatly encouraged, but we ask that parents refrain from directing players during a game. Please address any concerns away from the playing field. Coaches will provide contact information so parents may call or email if there is an issue. 
Coaches - Be prepared for practice and games. Communicate with parents in a timely manner. 
All CA Braves - have fun, work hard and cheer as loud as you can.