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Someone To Look Up To

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This page is dedicated to our 18U girls who have worked hard and demonstrated the highest level of character and commitment that we all would ask of our kids.


Jamie Robertson – Senior, CHHS WEST


My name is Jamie Robertson and I am a senior at Cherry Hill West High School.  I have played softball since I was 8 years old.  I started at CHYAA and have played on travel teams since the age of 13.  I am a pitcher, first baseman and an outfielder.  I like to play softball because of how much of a team sport it is, and you cannot just rely on one player to win a game.   What I have learned from softball is that it takes a team effort to win a game.  I would like to pass down to the girls that you should play every inning and every at bat like it is the most important game that you have ever played and have fun while you are playing.