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Family Fee Opportunities

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This year at Grace Upward, we've added a $50 family fee to the registration fees for the league. Due to the difficulty in getting volunteers and the increased cost of running the league, the family fee will help cover some of those costs while allowing families that wish to earn back that money the opportunity to do so. We will have several ways to earn back the family fee. All money will be paid out in cash at the time of the volunteering.

  1. Coaching - Volunteer coaches and assistant coaches will receive their family fee back after Week 1 of practice provided they have an updated background check and have attended the coach's meeting (or have met with the Director 1 on 1). 
  2. Concession help - We will return $10 per hour to anyone wishing to earn back the family fee in the concession stand on game days. This requires a minimum 3 hour shift and there will only be 2-3 spots per hour (depending on the time of day) for earning back the family fee.
  3. Evaluations - We need volunteers to help size, measure, and organize players during the evaluation days. There will be 3 paid spots per hour at each evaluation, returning $10 per hour. The volunteer will need to stay for the entire 2 hour evaluation. 
  4. Scorekeeping - Volunteers will earn $5 per game for scorekeeping. All Friday night games require 2 scorekeepers per game. Saturday games require only 1. 1-2 grade games do not require a scorekeeper.
  5. Refereeing - For those interested in refereeing, we will return $10 per game for 3rd grade games and up. 1-2 grade games will not be available for refereeing. 
  6. Custodial Help - During weekend games, this volunteer will have $10 per hour returned to them for general cleanup. This includes cleaning the bathrooms, taking out trash, picking up trash between games, and setting up the courts as necessary. There will only be one spot per hour for this position. You can work as little as one hour or as many as you'd like.

These jobs will be filled on a first come, first served basis. Except for refereeing, there will not be a limit as to how much you can earn back. If you want to sign up for more than $50 worth of time, you are welcome to do so. 


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