May 16, 2019

General Playing Rules
GLSHL - General playing rules:

1. All MHSAA playing rules will be used except were notes.
2. Game Misconduct – out for remainder of that game only.
3. Game Disqualification – out for remainder of that game plus suspended for the next game.
4. Zero tolerance – automatic 10 minute misconduct.
5. Minor Penalties – any player receiving 4 minor penalties in the same game will receive an automatic game Misconduct (out for remainder of that game only).
6. Fighting is prohibited:
a) Any player receiving a “fighting major” will be automatically be ejected from game and will receive a 1 game suspension from the league (no appeals). If the same player receives another “fighting major” they will automatically be suspended from the league with no appeals.
b) Any player receiving an “attempt to injure” penalty will be suspended for 1 game and be on “league probation”. If the player receives another “attempt to injure” penalty the player will be automatically suspended from the league.
c) Any player returning to any game after being suspended from the league, the team will be charged $200.00 penalty fee.
d) Any team accessed “fighting majors: or “intent to injure” penalties in the last game will not be considered for participation in the league next year.
Example: If player A instigates or initiates a fight with player B and player B turtles or attempts to avoid the situation. Player A will be assessed a fighting major and will be suspended for 1 game.
7. Any player receiving a total of 3 Game Misconducts or 2 Game Disqualifications, they will be permanently suspended from the league.
8. Any team that is a “No Show” will incur a $300.00 fee and must be paid before the next game.
9. League Discipline Committee. They will review any and all discipline issues on a case by case basis and will speak to both player and coach directly.
10. Games: 3-15 minute stop time periods (80 min. curfew).
11. MHSAA 22 Player Maximum Rule per game.
12. 5 minute pre-game warm-up.