2019 Executive Board

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2019 Executive Board

SC352 2nd F08061712590P.O. Box 2443

Cumberland, Maryland  21503-2443


301-724-7200     Fax:  301-876-9065




Hot Stove Officers/Executive Board 2018


President                                  Rick Hamilton                          Home:              301-724-2591                                                                                           840 Williams Street                  Cell:                 301-707-9867

                                                 Cumberland, MD.                    


Vice-President                          Jerry Iser                                  Home:              301-777-2925

                                                 950 Bedford Street

                                                 Cumberland, MD


Commissioner/                         Jim Holler                                 Cell:                 301-707-0048

Umpire and Chief                     14705 Viewcrest Rd., SW         

                                                  Bel Air

                                                  Cumberland, MD


Executive Board                        Harvey May                              Home:              301-777-0339

 Coordinator,                              1003 Brown Avenue                            

Assistant Commissioner            Cumberland, MD         


Games Coordinator                   Jeremy Hedrick                         Cell:                 301-268-4537

                                                  13010 Patmar Drive

                                                  Cumberland, MD


Fall Ball Manager                     Vinnie Copman                        Cell:                 240-580-5529

Team Coordinator                     100 Saint Gerard Ave               

                                                  Cumberland, MD


Executive Board/

Frostburg Coordinator/              Toby Dinicola                           Cell:                 301-697-0981

Equipment Manager                  17007 Neff Street SW              

                                                   Frostburg, MD


Executive Board/West

Virginia Coordinator                 Grant Shoemaker                      Cell:                 301-697-7657

                                                 P.O. Box 313                           

                                                 Ridgeley, W. Va.



Executive Board/                       Tom Shaw                                Cell:                 301-707-3610

Secretary                                  620 Haddon Avenue                

                                                 Cumberland, MD


Hot Stove Attorney/                  Seth D’Atri                               Bus.                 301-759-4343

Honorary Member


Executive Board Member           Paul Lint                               Phone                    301-876-1751


Times News Sports                   6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.                                       301-722-4600