Please understand that the LRHL is adamant in completing
it's entire FALL and SPRING seasons (both the regular season
and all playoffs) by the Christmas break in December each Fall,
and by mid June in the Spring, about the end of the school year.

The League is aware that many of its skaters participate in
other sports and activities or play in other leagues outside
of the LRHL. The fact that our skaters have the opportunity
to play in other sports or leagues is great. The situation
that arises for skaters playing several sports or in several
leagues, is that scheduling conflicts will arise where two
games in two leagues are scheduled for the same day or
time slot.

Please be aware that the LRHL does not keep track of other
leagues schedules. We are only concerned in completing
OUR seasons. The Leagues thought process concerning a
scheduling conflict for a skater, is that a skater has to
decide whether they want to skate at Lynbrook, or go
play the other sport or league.

Any scheduling of games by the LRHL that ends up conflicting
with another League's schedule is completely unintentional.
Please do not request a game to be changed. Another option
is to petition the other league to change their schedule.
The LRHL thanks you for your understanding...

Our official schedule will be followed as posted. The LRHL
cannot nor will not change its schedule because of skater or
coaches  conflicts with other sports or activities.

Please do not e-mail the web site or contact Board Members
requesting any schedule changes.

All rained out or cancelled games will be rescheduled as soon
as possible, in a time spot when that division usually plays, but
that cannot be guaranteed.

The Fall regular season needs to be completed by or about
Thanksgiving, thus allowing for playoffs to begin so the
entire season is completed by the Christmas break. An early
snow fall can bring an abrupt end to the season.
In the Spring, the regular season needs to be completed by or
about Memorial Day, thus allowing the playoffs to begin so the
entire season is completed by mid June, approximately the time
the school year ends as many of our skaters go away to camp
right after their school year is completed. 
If it is so happens that inclement weather cancels too many
games to reschedule, to the point where the start of the
playoffs could be delayed, the LRHL will reschedule games
on Saturdays to try and catch up. 
Every reasonable attempt will be made to clear the rink of rain
snow or ice for games to begin on time. On days where it is
obvious the rink needs to be cleaned or dried, Coaches and
parents are requested to come done to the rink early and assist
in rink maintenance so all games can begin on time.

In all regular season games, regardless of division, a game will
be stopped if the rink becomes wet or unplayable. Any game
to be considered “official” must have completed at least two
(2) full periods of play. Any game rained out or canceled at
any point after two periods of play will be considered final,
regardless of the score, and posted accordingly in the standings.

If a game is rained out or cancelled before two full periods of
play have been completed, regardless of the score, the game
will be considered a full rainout, and it will be rescheduled to
be replayed in its entirety.

During the playoffs, any game that is stopped due to rain or
because the rink becomes unplayable, will be considered
“suspended”, regardless of the score or how much of the game
was played before it was suspended. Once rescheduled, that
game will be picked up from the point when it was suspended
and then completed.

On days or nights where the weather is questionable, check this
website as it will be continually updating game info. There may
be some days where a 6:15pm game may be cancelled while
the 7:30 or 8:45 will still be played. Again please check this website for
updated information.